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The History of casino apps

Casino apps have been around for less than 5 years, with mobile apps running on Wi-Fi technology only being introduced in early 2011. With the app market evolving so rapidly it is hard to believe that apps as we know them, have only really existed for 2 years and that not so long ago, we didn’t have any mobile casino apps.

As part of the fastest growing sector in an industry worth over US$25 billion, mobile casino apps are becoming a more prevalent part of the service which online casinos provide.

Many of the elite casinos today have adapted their desktop casino package for mobile platforms. With casinos like Spin Palace, Ruby Fortune and Betway now offering players a bouquet of top casino games to play within their mobile apps, it is becoming more and more evident that mobile gaming is the future for online casinos.

Today, mobile casino apps are easily available to download if you visit the AppStore or Google Play a simple search for the word “casino” displays more results than you can imagine.

The key to finding the best mobile app for you is to have a read through our site and find the best reviews of an app you’re interested in. Reviews are a great way to gauge just how good the app and the games within the app are. They are written by professionals who only want the best service so look out for the apps with mostly positive feedback.

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Notable Software Providers

What is an operator without the right gaming software? This pertinent question begs another one – what is the right gaming software, and by extension, what is the best? Today’s climate of gaming has seen more and more software providers emerge. It’s been especially good for players as more competition means more options and choices. It’s like going to your favourite candy story and finding that they’re stocking an even greater variety.  A few years back it would have been common place to say that your favourite games were made by Microgaming, Cryptologic and Playtech. However, in today’s gaming market the competition has truly stiffened to the point that some operators are literally provided with content from more than 20 individual software producers. To give you a better idea of who’s making the games you play to win, we’ve listed some of the big names you’re sure to encounter in your quest for fun and cash.

We thought we’d go into detail with the aforementioned software providers due mainly to their legacy, historical value and high quality gaming content that they have and continue to provide. Other big names in this exciting business include: