3 Card & 4 Card Pro iPhone App Review

Posted on 2016-07-01 by Sean Williamson

Different card games review

While 5 card games are going the way of the earth, 3 card and 4 card games are extremely popular at casinos these days. Both games are very different from each other but both are easy to learn and really fun to play. Just like any game at a casino, it can be very difficult to win, but these games can get very addictive even when you aren’t playing for real dollars and dimes. Most people admit that they have fun playing at the casino, we just all hate losing our money. So don’t put your child’s savings plan in jeopardy and buy this app so you can start learning the fun to be had with 3 card and four card games which are played at almost every casino.

The app is great because it comes with a complete rule game for each game. This is very advantageous because you can see how 3 card differs from 4 card etc. The mastering the game section will also give you suggestions on how to play certain hands and what to do to give you the greatest chance of winning. You can customize table cloths and even the decks of cards within this fun app. The action on the table moves fast and keeps you in the game without having to wait long periods of time for the AI to figure things out. Both games start you off with a chip amount of $1000. The leaderboard is also very fun because the app keeps track of your scores and you can post them on the net for others to see your success or failure.



The game is played in landscape format and is a definite winner in our book. The graphics are awesome and the game play moves well and flows. If you are looking to master the 3 card and 4 card games at the casinos to start winning some money, this is a great app to get you all practiced up. This game is made by Avalinx which seems to just dominate the casino gaming apps for the iphone. The game costs $4.99 and has been rated 4 out of 5 stars by iphone users everywhere.