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Welcome to the News section, where we keep you informed about all the latest happenings in the world of online gaming and mobile app casino gaming. The world of internet gaming is not a static one. This is a world that is in constant flux, and thus it’s a world you need to be kept abreast of, especially if you’re serious about your gaming. We’ll cover everything you need to know about this exciting world. We’ll let you know when new games are being released and at which operators you can find them. We’ll tell you about the latest developments in the gambling sector in terms of new technology like live dealer games and in terms of laws and legislation. We’ll tell you which celebrities like yourselves are big on gambling and we’ll also let you know what banking options will be best suited for your casino financials and budgetary needs. Our news page is here to serve you in more than just one capacity! We want to in inform you, educate you and entertain you, and to do so we need to have our fingers on the pulse of gaming. So no matter what you need to know about the world of online and mobile casino gaming, know that you’ll always be able to be kept up to speed through us!

Tizen On the Horizon

Posted on 2017-06-21 by Sean Williamson

Not many smartphone users are aware of Samsung’s attempts to kick its new operating system, Tizen, into gear. The age of mobile may be in its heyday, but Samsung’s proprietary software and portended Android rival has been met with lukewarm reception at best. After a few attempts to present Tizen as the mobile industry’s hottest new addition, Samsung finally found a suitable niche for its creation in powering the company’s TVs, home appliances, and even its Gear smart watches. Unfortunately, Tizen hasn’t become any …

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Cyber-bullying On the Rise in eGaming

Posted on 2017-06-19 by Sean Williamson

Online video gaming and eSports are massive industries, with the global eSports market predicted to be worth almost $700 million this year. For Millennials and younger generations in particular, eSports and online gaming has become a central focus of modern entertainment, and massively multiplayer online games like Halo 3, World of Warcraft, and The Elder Scrolls are particularly popular. These online games have also created great competition between players, and while this competitive environment has given way to exciting prospects like eSpor …

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5 Ways AI is Making the World Better

Posted on 2017-06-13 by Sean Williamson

Everyone knows that the Internet has improved our lives in numerous ways. Whether it be for communication, research or even entertainment and gaming, the World Wide Web has made life easier, brought people closer together and created a whole new way to interact and share information. Artificial intelligence can be linked to very similar parallels, especially considering the most recent scientific advances in AI that could begin to improve our lives much sooner than we think. Unfortunately, AI often has negative connotations, with many worried …

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Why Vegas is Betting on eSports

Posted on 2017-05-18 by Sean Williamson

Las Vegas has always been known as the home of glitz, glamour, and fast-paced gambling. Since the 1930’s, Vegas has had a reputation for being the world capital of casino games, but changing times are forcing Sin City to seek out alternative forms of entertainment in an effort to attract a new generation of players. Today’s Millennials are showing considerably less interest in games of chance than their parents and grandparents did, and to stay afloat, iGaming operators have had to alter their offerings substantially to provide the …

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Trending Payment Methods and Technology

Posted on 2017-05-03 by Sean Williamson

Multi-national financial services corporation MasterCard has announced the release of a new biometric card. Consumer rollout is projected for the end of 2017, and the card will contain an embedded fingerprint reader, as well as a chip and PIN technology. Many industry insiders have commented that the biometric MasterCard is a clear sign that traditional card payment systems are taking inspiration from the mobile technology sector, specifically in terms of fingerprint recognition, though other forms of biometric identification are also becoming …

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Land-based Casinos Going Mobile To Meet Demand

Posted on 2017-04-25 by Sean Williamson

The transition of casinos from land-based to online was nothing short of astounding. Land-based casinos had been in vogue for many decades by the mid 1990’s, offering players real money casino games and other entertainment opportunities to round off their experiences. However, the introduction of internet gambling changed the fate of casinos forever. By the early 2010’s, there were hundreds of online casinos offering players on the web cash casino games, bonuses and more. Additionally, many of the world’s major land-based cas …

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Social Media and the Stock Market

Posted on 2017-04-18 by Sean Williamson

In March 2017, social media platform Snapchat launched its Initial Public Offering, or IPO, on the stock market. It is by no means the first such company to do so, and will by no means be the last. It’s just another clear indicator of the ways social media is changing, as it has changed so much of our lives already, as well as the way we think about and make investments. Harnessing the Hive Social media has infiltrated our lives and affected the way we interact with the world to a huge extent. It is now possible to use a Facebook functi …

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Discover the Best Photo Editing Apps

Posted on 2017-04-13 by Sean Williamson

Exceptional photography used to be a matter of luck, or the result of many hours of study and a small fortune spent on expensive equipment. Mobile devices and a few incredible photo-editing apps have changed all that. Taking photos that captivate their viewers is now a possibility for almost everyone who owns a smartphone or tablet, and it is all thanks to nifty technology. Hardly surprising, of course, seeing that you can get apps for just about everything, from recipes to top quality online casino games, news, and more! If you have searched …

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Mobile Casinos Expect Significant 5-Year Growth

Posted on 2017-04-11 by Sean Williamson

Mobile casinos are in for a particularly lucrative future, if mobile growth predictions for the next 5 years come true. The mobile iGaming industry has boomed in recent years, and that boom looks set to continue. reported that smartphone subscriptions around the world are expected to increase to 6.1 billion by 2020. That figure is more than double the current number of subscriptions. A Juniper Research study estimates that almost US$1 trillion will be bet online by the end of that year, and that the bulk of those bets will be placed …

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888 Holdings Credits Mobile Growth For 2016 Success

Posted on 2017-03-28 by Sean Williamson

Well-known internet betting group 888 Holdings has recently posted their financial results for the year ended December 2016. The company experienced impressively large growth over the course of the year, with a notable part of this success due to its popular mobile casino offerings. With the rise in mobile gaming, many operators like 888 have noticed a sharp increase in demand for mobile solutions – and increased revenues to match. The results showed some key highlights for the iGaming company last year. 888 Holdings’ revenues gen …

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