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Welcome to the News section, where we keep you informed about all the latest happenings in the world of online gaming and mobile app casino gaming. The world of internet gaming is not a static one. This is a world that is in constant flux, and thus it’s a world you need to be kept abreast of, especially if you’re serious about your gaming. We’ll cover everything you need to know about this exciting world. We’ll let you know when new games are being released and at which operators you can find them. We’ll tell you about the latest developments in the gambling sector in terms of new technology like live dealer games and in terms of laws and legislation. We’ll tell you which celebrities like yourselves are big on gambling and we’ll also let you know what banking options will be best suited for your casino financials and budgetary needs. Our news page is here to serve you in more than just one capacity! We want to in inform you, educate you and entertain you, and to do so we need to have our fingers on the pulse of gaming. So no matter what you need to know about the world of online and mobile casino gaming, know that you’ll always be able to be kept up to speed through us!

LeoVegas Hoping for Profitable Year

Posted on 2019-02-14 by Sean Williamson

Following what the CEO has described as the most challenging year in the company’s history, mobile-first casino brand LeoVegas has postponed reaching its anticipated growth targets by a year. The company encountered several unforeseen challenges that it had to navigate for the first time. However, it still closed the final quarter of 2018 strong, and has launched into 2019 with excellent growth in the first quarter. LeoVegas Reports it 2018 Q4 Figures The company’s official Q4 report shows a 25% revenue increase for the final …

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Big Time Gaming Announces Holy Diver Slot

Posted on 2019-01-29 by Sean Williamson

It’s been a while since we’ve last had the pleasure of announcing the launch of a new game from Sydney-based developer Big Time Gaming. But the time has finally come, and the developer has just released its newest slot, Holy Diver, exclusively to LeoVegas players. Those who are wondering about the unusual title, this game has been 2 years in the making, and is based on a rock song by the popular 80’s American Heavy Metal band, Dio. Despite its unusual inspiration, the slot includes quite a few special features and interesting …

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Playtech Renews Supply Deal With Paddy Power

Posted on 2019-01-24 by Sean Williamson

It’s been a tumultuous couple of years for operators who are licensed and offering gambling and betting services in the UK. So much so that major operators like William Hill have done everything in their power to shuffle the cards in such a way that Britain and surrounds is no longer their main source of income. In fact, regulatory uncertainties and tax hikes have been singled out as some of the main reasons behind the fact that a large number of operators have either closed shop or moved to the United States. And yet, some businesses ha …

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Age Of the Gods Jackpot Slot Pays Out Big

Posted on 2019-01-16 by Sean Williamson

Progressive jackpot slots. You simply have to love them! We’re aware of at least one very lucky player who cannot be anything other than a die-hard fan, especially having won an incredible $803,093 in cold hard cash thanks to having hit the big one on Age of the Gods. Hitting the game’s Ultimate Power Jackpot is about as rewarding as it gets in a single sitting, and the payout is rewarded completely at random. No tricks and twists; when it pays, it pays in a big way! Chasing The 2011 Record The game belongs to none other than awa …

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William Hill Crosses MRG Competition Hurdle

Posted on 2019-01-10 by Sean Williamson

British gambling and sportsbetting giant William Hill has announced that its October 2018 bid to take over the Mr Green group (MRG) in its entirety, is now in the final stages of being signed and sealed. This after the company recently received the necessary approvals from all of the relevant competition authorities. All that remains now is for MRG to accept or reject the SEK2.8 billion cash deal. MRG has until January 17th to make known its final decision. Moving Away From FOBT William Hill was happy to recently report that the deal was now …

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Cryptocurrency Casinos Not A Major Success

Posted on 2018-12-20 by Sean Williamson

It was not so long ago that cryptocurrencies were being trumpeted from the rooftops, and when Bitcoin hit a record high of almost $20,000, it looked like they were here to stay. Everyone and anyone was talking about them, and it seemed that investing was a sure fire way to strike wealth. The boom has since passed, however, and few are mentioning Bitcoin, or cryptocurrency at all any more. Though the brief upsurge in interest had an impact in a number of sectors, including the online casino industry. Online casinos are first and foremost an ind …

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Apple Continues Gambling App Purge

Posted on 2018-12-10 by Sean Williamson

There’s no disputing the fact that tech giant Apple has recorded a year for the history books. The electronics and software specialist is after all the first American company to have broken through the trillion-dollar value threshold. The only other company to have achieved this feat is Chinese oil super-power, PetroChina. PetroChina established the trillion-dollar club back in 2007, but has unfortunately lost more than 80% of its value since then. In an interesting twist of fate, Apple’s desire to appease its largest customer base …

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App Issues Cause Delays for Sports Betting In Virginia

Posted on 2018-11-27 by Sean Williamson

West Virginia’s Wheeling Island Casino has been experiencing some technical difficulties in launching its sports betting platform. The venue was supposed to go live by the beginning of October, however the owner of the venue Deleware North decided to postpone the launch. The reason for the delay stems from technical complications with the company’s mobile application. The app allows residents to place bets on their sport of choice from anywhere in the state, from their mobile.  This will be a first for the state, and could sec …

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Asus Releases New Specialised Gaming Phone

Posted on 2018-11-20 by Sean Williamson

Notwithstanding the many advances that have been made in gaming-related technology over the last decade or so, it’s been quite some time since anyone has managed to come up with a completely new and revolutionary idea. Until now, that is. Famous computer hardware manufacturer, Asus, has announced that it will be bringing its specialised gaming mobile phone to the UK market very soon. The phone is part of the company’s Republic of Games brand, the brand generally associated with its motherboards, advanced graphics cards and laptops. …

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Gold Rains From The Sky

Posted on 2018-11-19 by Sean Williamson

Russia is an interesting place, with a reputation for being the home of often-unusual occurrences. Be it the country’s equivalent of the Yeti supposedly caught on camera, or YouTube videos featuring Russians getting up to all sorts of practical jokes and mischief, everyone loves Russia. Recently, however, an event occurred so bizarre, that many aren’t sure what to make of it. A plane carrying about nine tons of precious metal lost its load in mid air, dropping the processed bars across the landscape. Given that each of the metal ba …

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