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Welcome to the News section, where we keep you informed about all the latest happenings in the world of online gaming and mobile app casino gaming. The world of internet gaming is not a static one. This is a world that is in constant flux, and thus it’s a world you need to be kept abreast of, especially if you’re serious about your gaming. We’ll cover everything you need to know about this exciting world. We’ll let you know when new games are being released and at which operators you can find them. We’ll tell you about the latest developments in the gambling sector in terms of new technology like live dealer games and in terms of laws and legislation. We’ll tell you which celebrities like yourselves are big on gambling and we’ll also let you know what banking options will be best suited for your casino financials and budgetary needs. Our news page is here to serve you in more than just one capacity! We want to in inform you, educate you and entertain you, and to do so we need to have our fingers on the pulse of gaming. So no matter what you need to know about the world of online and mobile casino gaming, know that you’ll always be able to be kept up to speed through us!

New Mobile App Combats Problem Gambling

Posted on 2017-11-20 by Sean Williamson

Denmark, a country well known for its direct and persistent approach to dealing with problem gambling, is blazing a new technological trail in this regard. Embracing the wave of mobile technology, the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) has developed a mobile app designed specifically to combat gambling addiction. MitSpil, the DGA’s innovative new mobile app, is seen as a highly progressive and practical way in which to address the gambling addiction suffered by roughly 10,000 Danish adults between the ages of 18 and 74. The app is compatibl …

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Bloodsuckers Slots Sequel Hits iPhone Casinos

Posted on 2017-10-27 by Sean Williamson

NetEnt’s original Bloodsuckers slot was a roaring success, and now the Swedish developer is aiming to capitalise on its fame with a sequel: the highly anticipated Bloodsuckers 2 slot. The new game is now available at NetEnt online and mobile casinos, and players are already flocking to see if the new game lives up to the success of its predecessor. NetEnt first released Bloodsuckers 2 exclusively at a single casino. However, due to the warm reception received, that period of exclusivity has now ended, and all of NetEnt’s mobil …

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The Effects and Impact of the Right to be Forgotten Explored

Posted on 2017-10-25 by Sean Williamson

The Right to be Forgotten is a concept that has more relevance in our digital age than it has ever had before. The idea is that individuals can request search engines to remove personal information that has no compelling reason to be online any longer. Before the Internet era, the term “practical obscurity” was used to describe information that was available on public record but that was so logistically difficult to track down that it was effectively, or practically, obscure. Someone who had defaulted on bank loans years earlier, f …

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Tez Payment Service – Sending Money Over Soundwaves

Posted on 2017-10-12 by Sean Williamson

We’ve seen technology advance exponentially in almost every sector of business and private life in the last few years but until fairly recently, payment systems have not been where the biggest strides have been noted. These days, a lot of major players are getting more involved in payment solutions, including Apple, Facebook and the biggest fish of all, Google. As mass security and the quest for unified, frictionless commerce become increasingly prevalent, plenty of mobile payment solutions are emerging. One of the most recent and most e …

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Hacking On the Rise, Cybersecurity a Priority

Posted on 2017-09-20 by Sean Williamson

As technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, its uses and benefits are increasingly embedded in our lives – and so are its security risks. Hacking, defined as gaining unauthorised access to data in a system or computer, is rife, with some reports of businesses experiencing at least one incident a year sitting at 50%. Most organisations are now very aware of cybercrime, and have strong security measures in place. Banks make use of iron clad security features, as do leading online casinos that accept real money, e-commerce stores and …

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A Closer Look at Top Land Based Casinos in Asia

Posted on 2017-09-11 by Sean Williamson

Gambling in Asia has always been a popular pastime and it’s even believed that the game of Keno was used to generate funds to help build the Great Wall of China. While many may think Vegas is the gambling capital of the world, they’d be mistaken, as it is Macau that is home to 8 out of 10 of the world’s largest casinos, and has more casino games per square foot than Sin City. Macau is the only place in China in which casinos are strictly legal, and this special administrative region has wholly capitalised on this. Macau attra …

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The Airbnb Renting Bubble - Set to Burst

Posted on 2017-08-21 by Sean Williamson

The story of Airbnb has become preserved in Silicon Valley folklore. The company got its name when its co-founders, who were entrepreneurs struggling to make rent in San Francisco, put down 3 air mattresses in their loft and charged per night for those who wanted to attend an incredibly popular upcoming design conference but couldn’t find any available accommodation. Like a lot of innovative technology, it’s almost hard to imagine a world without Airbnb. Since being officially launched in 2008, it has become as familiar as Facebook …

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LoveFlutter Targets Famous Twitter Users

Posted on 2017-08-17 by Sean Williamson

Dating apps have been all the rage for years. Take Tinder, for example, which is available in 30 languages and has over 50 million users worldwide. Dating apps are a fun way for ordinary folk to meet new people and perhaps even find love – but according to LoveFlutter, the makers of Blue, celebrities deserve to find love too. LoveFlutter recently unveiled the new app as a premium version exclusive to those who are verified on Twitter, making it similar to elite dating apps like Tinder select and The League. Blue is one of the newest dati …

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Trump and Silicon Valley’s Rocky Relationship

Posted on 2017-08-08 by Sean Williamson

To date, Donald Trump has angered many left-wing Americans in his term as President of the United States. Some of the most interesting protest action has however come from Silicon Valley – interesting because there is real potential for it to have serious effects. Trump’s actions in his first 6 months as POTUS have raised anger in Silicon Valley and currently, their relationship with his administration is faring far worse than other governments in other countries when they began regulating online gambling. Trump’s woes only l …

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Discover Europe’s 5 Finest Land-Based Casinos

Posted on 2017-07-31 by Sean Williamson

With the world focusing today on online and mobile casino games more than it ever has before, many players are forgetting all about the exceptional experiences land-based establishments have to offer. Simply put, Europe is filled with great gaming establishments that definitely deserve a place on your bucket list. Check out these top 5 European casinos now... we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re already booking your plane ticket before the hour is through. Sure, online casino gaming offers unparalleled convenience and the chance to p …

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