Apple Wagers War On Illegal Gambling Content

Posted on 2018-08-14 by Sean Williamson

Apple Wagers War On Illegal Gambling ContentMajor tech-giant Apple has embarked on a large-scale clean-up process and has elected to wipe literally hundreds of online casino and gambling-related apps from its App Store. This follows the recent implementation of the company’s new App Review policy. The sweep of the apps forms part of the company’s fight against illegal online activities.

The App Store is a very popular platform offering access to many useful applications. Many developers will now however find themselves unlisted from the platform. Interestingly enough, many apps completely unrelated to gambling were also swept from the App Store and are no longer available to access. 


A Spearhead By Norway

The revision of Apple’s App Store policy as far as content is concerned, follows the recent forced removal of 38 apps from the tech-giant’s digital store after immense pressure from the ranks of the Norwegian government. During May of this year, the Norwegian Gaming Authority rocked the boat by officially requesting that Apple block Norwegian users from accessing any unlicensed content. Unlicensed content was described as any content not licensed in the region of Norway.

There are only two licensed gaming service providers authorized to offer services in Norway. Norsk Tipping and Rikstoto are both state-owned operators.

Avoiding A Collision Course

The case made by the Norwegian government has in all likelihood prompted the tech giant to take a more no-nonsense approach towards apps offering any form of gambling service. The newly revised policy does not make provision for the offering of gambling-related products from individual developers any longer.

Quite notable is the fact that products that classify as gambling apps according to the App Store’s policy, are not only those that involve playing for real money, but also those that merely simulate an online gambling environment, otherwise known as playing for fun.

Apple has confirmed that in future, only verified accounts from incorporated business entities would be allowed to offer apps to users of the App Store. This has sparked a major outrage on social media pages, as according to claims made by many individuals, there are numerous individual developers who are fully licensed and will now no longer be able to offer their digital products to users of the popular platform.

Developers of software products unrelated to gambling activities have also added their voices to the general out-cry. Apple has explained that the reason behind the mass removal of content is an attempt to minimize fraudulent activities.