Apple Updates App Store Review Guidelines

Posted on 2016-06-30 by Sean Williamson

Apple Updates Guidelines

Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines are there to let developers know what they can and can’t do when they are creating the best new Apps for you to download from the App Store. Obviously it’s important that these are reviewed frequently to reflect advances in technology, as well as to comply with the law, and to keep the App Store free from offensive material and safe for all users.

For those who like using their Mobile for gaming and gambling, having firm guidelines means that all of the iPhone Casinos and Slot Apps you can download to your iPhone will adhere to a set of rules. These are designed to make sure that you have the best Casino experience possible.

In August this year Apple released an update to these Guidelines which will affect many Gambling Apps, including iPhone Casinos, iPhone Slots and Sports Betting Apps. This update establishes that any and all gambling Apps offering real money must be free, properly licensed with the correct permissions for the location where the App is used, and restricted to those locations. Additionally any Mobile Casino App or other Gambling App must not offer credit to users through in-App purchase.

The update also includes additional restrictions designed to further protect children when accessing iPhone Apps, as developers will be required to block underage access to Gambling Apps and iPhone Casinos. All children’s Apps will be required to ask for parental permission before the user can make any purchase.

Users of Mobile Casinos should welcome these new updates to the App Store guidelines, as they protect you and your family when choosing to download a Casino App or Slot App, and mean that you can be 100% certain that you are downloading a fully licensed, legally compliant App.

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