Top Apps for Travellers

Posted on 2017-03-01 by Sean Williamson

Top Apps for Travellers We all know that there are apps to help us with almost everything, including planning and enjoying our vacations. From organising your flight and accommodation to deciding what to do while you’re away, there are apps to assist with every aspect of your travels. In fact, something like the Lonely Planet City Guides or Google Trip apps will have everything you need, from maps to currency converters to the best places to visit and stay. You might also want to try Inspirock, which uses your requirements and circumstances to make recommendations and help you plan the perfect trip.

The options are almost endless, and it’s impossible to cover every travel app, but we’ve lined up a good selection here to help get you started. Some apps are self-contained tools that can be downloaded to your phone, while others link to a wider service. Whatever your budget or specific travelling requirements are, you should find these very useful.

Getting There

Coming and Going

Activities, Attractions and Itinerary

Apps that Work for You

Don’t let the amount of options available intimidate you; the technology is there to help us. Once you’ve found apps that work for you incorporate them into your travel plans, and use them to streamline your vacation. Remember to use the apps that work for you in your daily life too, such as WhatsApp to stay in touch with everyone!