Asus Releases New Specialised Gaming Phone

Posted on 2018-11-20 by Sean Williamson

Asus Gaming PhoneNotwithstanding the many advances that have been made in gaming-related technology over the last decade or so, it’s been quite some time since anyone has managed to come up with a completely new and revolutionary idea. Until now, that is. Famous computer hardware manufacturer, Asus, has announced that it will be bringing its specialised gaming mobile phone to the UK market very soon.

The phone is part of the company’s Republic of Games brand, the brand generally associated with its motherboards, advanced graphics cards and laptops. The launch of the RoG phone will mark the company’s first point of entry into the mobile phone market, and when talking Asus, specialised gaming is very much a given.

Operators: The Pressure Is On

Needless to say, smartphone technology in and of itself has already completely changed the way that we play. Today, more players access games from smartphone mobile devices than what they do at land-based casinos.

Mobile apps already offer everything from real money casino games to social play with the option of making in-app purchases. The fact of the matter is that those players interested in acquiring a specialised mobile phone will be people who are serious about gaming. They will be looking to operators with much higher expectations that before. It’s now no longer just a matter of the convenience of mobile.

Its A Gamer’s Dream

The RoG’s hardware will enable players to connect all kinds of hardware add-ons to the device. This will enable players to improve the overall experience. Not only will the technology make for a more satisfying gaming session, but it also brings along with it a world of new opportunities for the mobile sector.

The phone is primarily being released as a specialised gaming device, but the hardware is expected to enter the world of especially gambling games with a bang. A nice touch is that the phone comes with standard connectivity abilities, including the necessary connection so that a player may connect the device do a bigger mode of display, such as a PC monitor. This instantly transforms the package into a more traditional console.

And if players are in love with anything, then it’s with having options.