Authentic Gaming – Real, Not Realistic Live Casino Games

Posted on 2016-09-15 by Sean Williamson

Authentic GaminAuthentic Gaming Live Casino Gamesg bridges the gap between the finest offline casinos and resorts and the finest online playing destinations in the world. The company’s slogan is Real, Not Realistic, and it certainly seems to be living up to this assertion.

The technology of Authentic Gaming allows iGaming operators to access games tables on some of the most exclusive land-based casino floors in the world, with a 2-part aim in mind; to grow the revenues of the online providers, and to maximise the reach of the brick-and-mortar establishments, which will increase their profits in turn.

The company’s fully integrated solutions mean that live games can be accessed on desktop computers, smart TVs, tablets and smartphones more smoothly and seamlessly than ever before. It can even be used on cruise ships, so that passengers can access the liners’ casinos from anywhere on board. Authentic Gaming’s technology can be used alone, or it can be integrated with other live game providers, and it will deliver flawless functionality every time.

The company has focused on Roulette games, and offers a variety of versions, all with interactive features that will make every players’ experience immersive. The range includes Double Wheel, Professional and Original Roulette, all hosted by experienced and professional croupiers, pit bosses and floor managers at the most elite land-based casinos around the globe.

The tables and games are all of the highest quality, and most partners are fully ISO 90001:2008 certified to ensure best management practices. All of this is shown off to full effect thanks to the multiple camera angles that are used to deliver the high-quality video stream to any device.

One of the premier land-based establishments that Authentic Gaming is affiliated with is the St. Vincent Resort, widely recognised as amongst the finest and most exclusive casinos in Europe. Set in the Italian Alps, the historic destination offers more than 70 live tables. Now Authentic Gaming brings all of this to the comfort of players’ own homes, and they can expect to be treated like real VIP’s.

The experience is truly unique and much more detailed and involved than many other live games, which should only make it more enjoyable for serious players. The wide-angle high-definition video makes the game as real as possible without actually sitting at the Resort, and the table has 4 attending croupiers. Players can also take advantage of advanced auto bets and exclusive bet-on stats, further bridging the online and offline game divide.

With all of its perks and services, Authentic Gaming is also dedicated to developing players and their loyalty. Exclusive tournaments at sought-after resorts, VIP breaks at 5-star destinations and many other rewards are used to show regular players how valued they are. The more people enjoy Authentic Gaming’s innovative solutions, it seems, the more there is to enjoy.