Benefits of Social Casino Games

Posted on 2018-02-19 by Sean Williamson

A huge number of the games played on social media platforms such as Facebook are casual casino games. You cannot place real money bets when you play them, so, in most cases, you do not win real money when you line up a paying combination or beat the dealer.

Some players are probably already scratching their heads and wondering why on earth anyone would play for free. Surely social casinos cannot be that popular?

With the social gaming industry worth almost US$3 billion, it is safe to say that it certainly is popular – and its popularity is growing by the day. Facebook and other users see millions, if not billions, of users log on regularly, and thousands sign up for new accounts every day. Affordable smartphones and tablets have put the internet and social media within easy reach of untold numbers of players, many of whom have discovered the benefits of Facebook casino slots and other games.

Social Casinos Are Free

Possibly one of the biggest benefits of social casinos is that they are free. You do not need to make an initial deposit, you do not need to bet real money, and you do not have to pay for the privilege of being able to play the games on offer.

For many users, Facebook and similar platforms are a diversion to pass some time while on a lunch break or while waiting for an order to arrive in a restaurant. Likewise, any gaming they do in those periods is not likely to be too serious. It is all about having a few moments of fun.

That said, many Android and Google Play casinos offer in-app purchases. You may be offered access to more games, as well as to in-game perks and benefits. Playing for free is also a good way to sharpen your gaming skills. You know mistakes will not cost you a cent, which means you can try out all the bold new strategies you please.

Option to Play Your Way

Another benefit of playing at social casinos is that you get to decide how to do it. You have the option of playing Facebook casino slots and other games in browser on your Android, iOS, or Windows mobile device, or you can download fun play casino apps.

Whatever decision you make, you can expect first-class fun from your gaming sessions. The only real difference between playing in browser and playing in an app is that apps streamline everything for your device.

Free Gaming Freedom

Another benefit of playing at Google Play and App Store casinos is that it offers a new kind of gaming freedom. You can play the games for free, you can use Facebook and other platforms for free, and, if you are playing on your smartphone or tablet, you can play just about anywhere you like.

Fun play casino apps also offer you the freedom of being able to choose to play single-player games, or to invite your friends for multiplayer games, tournaments, results comparisons, and more.

Looking for exciting, engaging entertainment without the risk? Discover the benefits of social casinos for yourself.