Casino App Legislation Imperative

Posted on 2017-03-02 by Sean Williamson

The largest casino gaming trend in 2017 will, without a doubt, be mobile casinos. 2015 saw a massive resurgence in the popularity of mobile gaming since the launch of innovative platforms from King, Ubisoft, PlayRaven and even Microsoft, and today the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

With almost $100 billion in projected revenues expected from app gaming this year alone, it’s crucial now more than ever for licensing and complete regulatory frameworks to be put in place to protect casino app players and monitor the actions of licensed casino operators.

Legislation May Increase Real Money App Demand

Casino App Legislation Each country’s take on casino app legislation is different, conforming with their current real money gambling laws. However, the boom in mobile gaming growth has provided countries with a unique economic opportunity as well, and many have put legislations in place to help themselves and their players make the most of the new trend.

Fraud control remains a top priority for both casino app operators and legislators, and operators in particular are concerned about transaction method partnerships and the experience they offer their players.

It is interesting to note the recent move towards legalising and regulating online gambling in many countries like Brazil and Portugal, and countries’ attitudes towards mobile gambling apps may soon follow. The response to real money gambling in these recently legalised countries has been phenomenal, which could reveal more about their potential response towards regulated casino apps in the future.

Future Trends And Laws In The Mobile Casino App Space

Future trends in the casino app space will no doubt include more a comprehensive regulatory framework and legislation to protect players and ensure that they are enjoying fair and satisfactory gaming. As skilled games are also becoming more popular with a new generation of players, legislation will likely grow to cover skills games and ensure that neither casino apps nor their players can find any loopholes, something that is currently a concern with the new gaming trend.

Social media is also set to greatly enhance casino apps, and gamification is bigger than ever with personalised apps and competitively social games. Now, it’s up to each individual country to adapt to the new trend and put new laws in place to make casino app gaming as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Countries that have created mobile app legislation are seeing large-scale benefits from it already. With massive revenue generation potential, mobile casino gaming can substantially boost local economies, and strict legislation and regulation also benefits the iGaming market by ensuring that it remains safe – and also inviting – for real money players.

With so many benefits, it seems natural to consider the legislation of casino apps a wholly beneficial move for all involved.