Casino Etiquette: Do’s And Don’ts

Posted on 2018-03-22 by Sean Williamson

Don’t distract other playersEtiquette, also known as “manners” for good reason are rules of convention that serve to regulate social behaviour. Perhaps one of the most functional descriptions of etiquette is that these are the rules that govern being considerate of others. Being considerate of others is especially important when interacting with more than one person at a time, i.e. in a group set-up.

Participating in games at a casino is a prime example of interacting with a group of people, especially since the casino set-up is supposed to be a relaxing one and conducive to having a fun experience. Here, it is all the more important to keep in mind that others are there to have a good time too, and that it’s therefore of the utmost importance to apply the general rules of etiquette.

We’ve explored some rules to live by that are specifically applicable to casino etiquette, and can only really be ignored if you’ve opted to play online, alone!

Try To Live For The Moment

In other words: leave your selfie stick at home. The truth is, apart from the annoyance factor associated with taking a million selfies, a casino generally doesn’t smile upon those who insist on taking photographs of any elements of the casino floor.

Don’t Be A Distraction

Do unto other Blackjack players as what you would have them do unto you. Is there anything more disturbing than trying to number-crunch with someone chattering away constantly in the background? We think not. Try and leave your mobile device tucked safely away in your pocket. If all else fails, move away from the game tables in the event of wanting to make or receive an important call. And stop texting! It is almost as annoying!

Mind The Dress Code

Tip the dealer!Dress code is generally all about location. In the event that the casino where you are playing all of your favourite games is situated on a beautiful beach front, you may find that no one lifts as much as an eyebrow at your island-style attire and flip flops. This may not necessarily be the case at one of Vegas or Macau’s fanciest establishments though. Make sure that you familiarise yourself with the dress code applicable at the particular casino where you are planning to spend your day or evening.

Also take note of the fact that many casinos do not employ the same dress code during daylight hours as what they do in the evenings. During the day, the dress code is often more relaxed than in the evening. So, if a tie is not your cup of tea, play during the day!

Check Those Emotions

There are days when you’ll be king and others when you will be pauper. Learn to love the reality of it. The truth is, no one wins without exception. If you’re prone to losing your temper, try and move away from the table before stomping out that fit of blind rage at having lost a hand of cards. While most players have lost to the house at some point, not everyone appreciates bearing witness to a classic old temper tantrum. Casino’s are for adults, not for toddlers!

Tipping Is Top

While most dealers and casino staff do earn a salary, there are some who work for gratuity only. Whatever the case may be, show your gratitude by leaving a tip every once in a while. Apart from the fact that it shows a bit of class, it will be much appreciated by those who pitch up day after day and every night to ensure that you are able to enjoy the best possible gaming experience under the neon sun. It doesn’t have to be huge money; just a reasonable “thank you” in monetary value will suffice. Players generally leave behind a $5 - $10 dollar tip when leaving the games table, so don’t be stingy- do the same!

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