Curacao Issues First Blockchain License

Posted on 2018-01-08 by Sean Williamson

Curacao Issues First Blockchain LicenseIn 2017, Blockchain was one of the most spoken-about new technologies in the field of cryptocurrencies, online gambling and more. Now, in an industry-first move, Curacao has become the first gambling jurisdiction to officially embrace Blockchain by issuing its very first license to a Blockchain online casino.

The recipient of the new license is Edgeless, a Blockchain-powered casino brand. As a result, the brand will now enjoy a whole host of unique benefits within the Curacao gambling jurisdiction, not to mention the positive blueprint these benefits will create for future Blockchain licenses in the region.

The benefits in question will include wide access to the local gambling market, along with boosted credibility within the gambling industry. Edgeless will also enjoy more secure partnerships with Blockchain exchanges, and unprecedented access to payment and banking services, media networks, affiliates, and more.

License To Lead Blockchain Growth

The issuance of the new license will also no doubt create a favourable environment for cooperation with regulatory authorities in Curacao. This in turn will support Blockchain business growth while furthering the introduction of essential new iGaming technologies such as cryptocurrencies, which are built on the Blockchain system.

Edgeless, which is based in Lithuania, has itself become a behemoth in terms of cryptocurrency tech development. It stands to reason, then, that the new Curacao license is highly valuable to the operator, coming as a welcome starting point in its quest to compete with traditional iGaming sites and evolve the cryptocurrency gambling field.

Edgeless Pursues Further Expansion

Edgeless has revealed intentions to pursue this goal as a process of expansion, focussing the efforts of its legal team on other gambling jurisdictions in which it wishes to compete in the near future. The company will soon enter these regions with its market-leading Blockchain products in order to provide gambling services that rival those currently on offer with brand new features and technology.

The license issuance has coincided with the launch of Edgeless 2.0 as well, which offers higher betting limits, new player registration tools, real EDG deposits, and ‘shapeshift integration’ to allow players to deposit using a variety of cryptocurrencies.

More on this will be revealed at ICE 2018 in February - but in the meantime, experts are confident that as cryptocurrencies and Blockchain continue to grow, so will their reach, ultimately transforming the iGaming space for the better as Blockchain casinos become respected and revered in the industry.

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