Discover the Best Photo Editing Apps

Posted on 2017-04-13 by Sean Williamson

Photo Editing AppsExceptional photography used to be a matter of luck, or the result of many hours of study and a small fortune spent on expensive equipment. Mobile devices and a few incredible photo-editing apps have changed all that.

Taking photos that captivate their viewers is now a possibility for almost everyone who owns a smartphone or tablet, and it is all thanks to nifty technology. Hardly surprising, of course, seeing that you can get apps for just about everything, from recipes to top quality online casino games, news, and more!

If you have searched for photo editing apps on a search engine such as Google or in one of the many app stores, you will know that the results are seemingly endless.

This is where we come in. We have put together a handy list of what we think are the ultimate photo editing apps.

Find apps that are suitable for complete beginners, for those who already know a thing or two about editing photos, for those with a purist’s approach, and for those who want to add fun effects and share the results with friends on social media.

Instagram: Friends and the Film Effect

Instagram was one of the first photo editing apps for Android and iOS that captured the world’s attention. It is really a social media platform with a focus on photography.

The free app gives you a somewhat limited resizing tool and an array of effects you can apply to your photos. You can share your photo as you took it with your smartphone or tablet camera, or you can use a pre-set filter to create the effect of a photo that was taken using a film camera.

You can follow other app users, they can follow you, and you can interact with one another using Like buttons, comments, or a private messaging function.

Snapchat: Fun with Photos

Another of the ultimate apps that mixes photo editing with social media is Snapchat. It is a fantastic choice if you have a playful approach to photos and it’s known for attracting a wide demographic of users.

While it offers so much more, the free app is best known for letting you add all sorts of fun filters and effects to photos, and for deleting the photos you share after only a few seconds. It keeps interactions between smartphone and tablet Snapchatters fresh and flowing.

Prisma: Your Photos Meet Classic Painters

Prisma Classic Painters photosEasy-to-apply filters and visual effects make Prisma a free photo-editing app that beginners can use with confidence. What makes it special is that it is all about classic art.

You can use it to add effects in the style of some of the world’s greatest painters to your photos before you share them on your social media accounts. Mondrian, Munch, Picasso, and Van Gogh are just some of the artists who inspired the app designers.

PhotoDirector: A Photo Editing Toolbox

If you really want to sink your teeth into editing photos on your mobile device, PhotoDirector can be a satisfying choice. The app is all about adjustable settings, rather than simply applying pre-determined filters to photos.

Among the editing tools it offers you are white balance, HSL, RGB colour, darkness, brightness, contrast, and exposure.

Photo Mate R3: The Phone Photographer’s Friend

Available for Android and iOS, the Photo Mate R3 app can be used by those new to photo editing, but is really oriented toward mobile device users with some background knowledge in digital photo editing.

You can download it for access to features such as native RAW file support, various settings such as brightness, darkness, contrast, and tone, and a feature you can use to correct image distortion, chromatic aberrations, and vignette.

It seems that no matter what type of photo effect or style you want to create, there’s an app for it!