Free Mobile Casino Games Booming

Posted on 2017-01-19 by Sean Williamson

Free Mobile Casino Games Since they first appeared on the web during the 1990’s, online casinos have been all the rage. These virtual casinos have vastly expanded the reach of casino gaming, making it accessible to players in a much wider range of regions.

Since the birth of online casinos, people were able to enjoy poker, roulette, baccarat and online slots from practically anywhere in the world, as long as they had a computer and an Internet connection. As time passed, these casinos swiftly grew more advanced too, offering numerous secure banking options, a wider range of games, and soon, compatibility with a host of brand new mobile devices too.

Free Games Expected to Attract 165 Million Players by 2018

Fast-forward to today and mobile casinos are far surpassing online casinos in popularity. The growth of the mobile platform has been tremendous, with almost everything “going mobile” to meet the demands of a new generation.

While there are plenty of real money casino options available, the real draw card for the majority of players is free mobile gaming. In fact, it has been estimated that global revenues from mobile gambling will exceed US$100 billion by 2017, while around 165 million people are expected to be playing free mobile casino games by 2018!

Due to this, mobile casinos have been quick to develop responsive apps for a number of mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. These apps are often downloadable for free via various app stores, and offer everything from free mobile games to real money offerings. Free games in particular are enjoying their spot in the limelight, offering all the same convenience of a paid mobile casino without the obligation to spend any cash.

Free Mobile Casino Games Offer Unique Advantages

Convenience and mobility have been the driving forces behind this popularity, and many developers are also creating free social games that tie into the popularity of social media and trends like skill play. When it comes to free gaming, many players favour it because it gives them full control over when and how much they choose to spend on gambling.

Free games also offer the advantage of allowing players to learn how to play mobile casino games before they spend any real money on them, as well as being a great free source of entertainment. As with free online casino games, many mobile casino apps also offer no deposit bonuses, allowing players the tempting prospects of real money play and cash wins without having to pay anything in advance.

The projected figures for the rise in free mobile casino gaming is astronomical, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Now it just remains to be seen what technological innovations the future holds for the world of free mobile gaming.