Gaming in Mobile Casinos Improved due to the New Padphone 2

Posted on 2016-06-30 by Sean Williamson

Players can now enjoy casinos on their mobile

The new Padfone 2 from ASUS was released on October 16 and is expected to attract a lot of attention both from new technology lovers and from gamers who love to play casino games on handheld smartphone mobile devices and tablets. The new Padfone 2 features an Android casino tamer that is expected to turn heads. It is projected that this exceptional new feature will also pique the interest of mobile punters.

The casino tamer is a phone feature of a fast loading web browser. It quickly allows mobile phone casino players access to all the best Android mobile casinos without the need to download anything. This nice feature makes it easier for users of the new Padfone 2 to have access to all their favorite casino games quickly and easily.

Mobile game playing and casino gambling are expected to be some of the top uses for the new Padfone 2. There are many new attractive features that are expected to make this one of the most popular smart phones for mobile casino players. The Padfone 2 is also reported to be easier to use than the original Padfone mobile device.

The new Padfone 2 weighs less than its predecessor and features an extra touch sensitivity making it easier to use with just a simple touch of the screen. The colors on this new Padfone 2 device are very vibrant and the sound quality has also been improved making it easier for punters to hear every second of the exciting action of their favorite mobile casino slot machine games. The sound features new SonicMaster audio technology. The processor is much faster and in addition to that, it also has an extremely fast, reliable data connection.

The Padfone 2 is reported to only take a second for its tablet mode to be activated, making it faster than the original. A very original concept for punters is that there is no cover any more on the Padfone 2, eliminating the possibility of a cover breaking which was occasionally an issue with the original Padfone. The processor in the new Padfone 2 is a Qualcomm Snapdragon SR quad-core processor, one of the most technologically advanced processors on the market today.

Another nice feature of the new Padfone 2 is that it weighs less than the original. Mobile casino games lovers are already thrilled by the new NFC connectivity and a 2,140mAh battery that is not able to be removed from the phone. Once a gamer docks the Padfone into a docking station, a 10.1 inch tablet is created with a new IPS screen that is in HD.

The smartphone can be used alone but docking it allows it to also become a tablet that gamers have found helpful when playing their favorite mobile casino games. The device is reported to be placed on Taiwan store shelves within a week and should be released internationally very soon after that.