Gold Rains From The Sky

Posted on 2018-11-19 by Sean Williamson

The day gold fell from aboveRussia is an interesting place, with a reputation for being the home of often-unusual occurrences. Be it the country’s equivalent of the Yeti supposedly caught on camera, or YouTube videos featuring Russians getting up to all sorts of practical jokes and mischief, everyone loves Russia. Recently, however, an event occurred so bizarre, that many aren’t sure what to make of it.

A plane carrying about nine tons of precious metal lost its load in mid air, dropping the processed bars across the landscape. Given that each of the metal bars weighed about twenty kilograms, one can only imagine that it must have been complete chaos. And this isn’t even taking into account that the cargo was valued in the hundreds of millions.

The most bizarre part? Russian authorities have yet to confirm if the incident was due to an accident, or was part of a daring scheme to rob the plane.

What happened?

The plane was taking off in Siberia, when, upon gaining altitude, the cargo doors flew open, sending about two hundred bars of precious metal flying into the world beyond. The bars crashed back down to earth, leaving mini-craters in the ground where they landed. No one was hurt in the incident, but authorities scrambled to try and block off the area, avoiding fortune seekers from flooding the scene. But what exactly happened?

A report was made that the incident occurred due to nothing more than an accident, and shifting weight inside the plane. But others aren’t so quick to buy this story. Upon closer examination it can be seen that the bars in question were from the Kupol mine, located in the Chukotka region, which is operated by Canadian mining company, Kinross Gold. The company has no reputation for funny business, at least not until now.

Shifting Weight, Or Robbery?

In an official statement, the local interior ministry stated that the event occurre1 of the recovered gold barsd simply due to the cargo shifting, and damaging the cargo doors. But this seems unusual, given that such planes make such routine journeys on a regular basis. For such an event to happen, and in such dramatic fashion, surely foul play must have been the cause.

Not so, says Stanislav Borodyuk, a spokesman for the company. According to him, all one hundred and seventy five gold bars that were lost were quickly recovered, without a single loss being reported. But does this rule out any possibility of a robbery, or are those involved simply covering up the incident?

The plane itself is reported to have made an emergency landing at a nearby airport, with no mention of injuries or any foul play. So perhaps it really was just an accident? Upon some Russian authorities being contacted, however, many said that they were unsure about the nature of the incident, or if any foul play was involved. It seems that even Russian authorities are sceptical about the official story.

Valuables Recovered

Most telling of all is that some metal bars are reported to have been recovered about fifteen miles from the point that the plane lost them. This goes to show that the plane must have gained serious height after taking off. Reports suggest that the plane lost the cargo soon after taking off, which begs the question as to why some bars were fifteen miles into the Russian countryside.

The value of the cargo is also said to have been around 265 million euros. Which, as anyone with a mind for maths will tell you, is certainly going to be a target for criminals. But again, it is reported that all the lost bars were quickly recovered, with not a single one missing, even those that flew fifteen miles into the countryside. Clearly no lucky bystanders claimed what would have been the equivalent of a massive jackpot win at a casino, unless of course the reports are not entirely accurate…

Another Russian Incident

With the valuables safely back in company hands, and the delivery now having been officially made, the story will likely blow over and be forgotten. But many will likely still be wondering, for some time, about the day gold bars rained down over Russia. A few treasure seekers may even head off into the wilderness, in hopes of finding one that was overlooked!

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