Google Secretly Building Social Gaming Project

Posted on 2018-05-29 by Sean Williamson

Google Reportedly Involved In Secret Social Gaming ProjectIf techie rumours are anything to go by, then Google has a new project up its already over-crammed sleeve. The search engine giant is reportedly in the process of assisting young tech entrepreneur Michael Sayman to build and develop a social gaming start-up project. Arcade will apparently not be tied to any existing social networks, but instead, users will be able to create profiles by making use of their phone numbers.

According to further speculation, the social game will involve elements of trivia. Google has in the meantime confirmed the existence of Arcade to Bloomberg, but no further details have been made known.

Google did go as far as to confirm that Arcade will be focused on mobile gaming with friends.

Trivia Is Tops

Everything considered, including the fact that precious little information is available at this point, Google appears to be taking a couple of pages from the book of the live trivia game, HQ. Live trivia sessions have exploded onto the scene and are very popular. Millions of users have been known to get involved and the digital trivia sessions have even inspired real-live social gaming gatherings among friends, old and new.

Bloomberg has confirmed that according to their knowledge, Google has opted not to tie Arcade to any existing social platform, as the project is expected to generate its own digital space where users will be able to get together and hang out.

Social Gaming

At first, it was television that brought people together. Then followed high-tech gaming consoles, constituting new and technologically improved ways of entertainment. More and more people would spend more and more time playing games on their consoles. This created the stigma that gamers were people who would lock themselves in their rooms or homes with little to no contact with the real world.

The dawn of the age of social gaming has changed all of that, and the world of eSports has had much to do with the evolution. Players are now able to enjoy playing their favourite games and bet online whilst interacting socially with one another. The age of the internet has ensured that there is no longer any reason why a love for games should in any way be associated with repressed social behaviour.

Social interaction is important in a healthy and functioning society and entities such as Google have completely bought into the idea.