Greentube and Chopsticks In The Apps Ltd Sign Partnership

Posted on 2016-10-17 by Sean Williamson

Greentube, a subsidiGreentube and Chopsticks In The Apps Ltd ary company of the renowned developer Novomatic Interactive, has recently cemented a partnership that may considerably boost their operating revenues. The company has just announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Chopsticks In The Apps Ltd, a mobile gaming app developer based in the jurisdiction of Gibraltar.

The partnership will see Greentube distributing many of Chopsticks’ games across its gaming platforms, including those channels for mobile, online, land-based and social players. Greentube and Chopsticks In The Apps Ltd have agreed to work together at close range in order to bring the deal together.

Both companies have begun to handpick a selection of games for Greentube’s gaming channels and mobile gaming apps. These games will include social games from the mobile app developer, along with some fast-paced choices and those that are more casual and easier for mobile players to play.

Greentube Plans To Expand Portfolio With Skill-Based Games

The companies will also work together to create a portfolio of new games, into which Chopsticks will integrate unique mathematical game features. It is expected that these features will create entertaining games based on skill, and Greentube will offer the titles across all of its platforms.

The new games are intended to expand Greentube’s current portfolio, targeting a broader demographic of players of all ages and levels of gaming skill. The company mentioned these intentions in a recent press statement, along with an elaboration on their new partnership with Chopsticks.

According to the statement made, the new agreement will mark the entry of Greentube into the skills-based gaming market, which is being explored by many companies in order to appeal to a wider range of players. The company plans to create a new take on its casino games, offering casual and interactive mobile gaming opportunities that will merge with the gaming mechanics of partner Chopsticks to foster new experiences for Greentube players.

Greentube and Chopsticks’ CEOs Comment On The Deal

The CEO of Greentube Thomas Graf mentioned that Greentube has a ‘strong heritage’ of skill-based gaming, due mainly to the involvement of parent company Novomatic in its operations.

Michal Palecek, the CEO of Chopsticks, stated that the partnership with Greentube would assist his company to rapidly enter new corners of the gaming market. The Chopsticks CEO said that the company is looking forward to the mutual collaboration, and hopes to share knowledge that will strengthen their gaming developments and create the best skill-based games possible.