How to Make Slot Sign-Up Bonuses Work to Your Advantage

Posted on 2016-06-30 by Sean Williamson

Get the most out of your sign up bonuses on slots

The humble one-armed bandit has become an icon of our culture – it’s fun, it’s simple and most importantly, it dishes out cash prizes.

In some ways, playing Slots is all about luck. You press a button, pull a lever or click a mouse and the Slot machine shows you what it was always going to show, no matter what you do. Whilst the unpredictable nature of Slots cannot be denied, there are some techniques you can use when playing Slots to put the ball firmly in your court.

The Scenario

Everyone knows that on any given night, casinos are not going to lose money on their Slot machines – after all, the house always wins. What’s also true is that on that same night, a few fortunate players are going to take home a tasty jackpot. Here’s how to increase your chances of landing a win.

Competitions and Bonuses

Just like supermarkets, casinos operate in a competitive market and must constantly try to entice customers while also preventing them from playing at the casino across the road, or at the next website down the search engine. How do they do this? With competitions and Bonuses, just like the supermarkets.

A competition or Bonus in a land-based casino can be anything from a free drink to a free show, whereas at online casinos, because they can’t hook you up with tickets so easily, you’re more likely to receive Bonus Credits or a prize such as a trip away.

Making these Bonuses work to your advantage

The principle of playing Slots is simple; the more you play, the more likely you are to win. Bonuses let you play longer (sometimes a lot longer) without spending any money – significantly increasing your odds of winning.

If you’re playing at an on-land casino make sure that you ask for a ‘Player’s Card’ – this works out how much time you’ve spent playing Slots and calculates which Bonuses you have qualified for.

At online casinos, it’s much easier to work out what Bonuses you are eligible to receive. You will be told that to receive X Bonus, you will have to deposit X amount of money and play for X amount of time before you are able to withdraw it. This enables you to be strategic about which Bonuses you claim and when you claim them. When claiming Bonuses at online casinos remember above all else that they expire – so use them!

Know your limits

Remember: know your limits. Whether you’re playing on your computer or in a Vegas Slot hall, you should always have a predetermined budget. Work out what you can afford to lose and, whatever you do, don’t spend over that amount. Playing Slots is fun, but losing money isn’t.