iBet Football Pro iPhone App Review

Posted on 2016-07-01 by Sean Williamson

News on the iBet Football app

This application for the iPhone is all about football. If you bet on football games, you need this app to help you maximize your gambling profits! iBet Football app for iphone makes predictions based on past game data. This helps the app to be more accurate in theory when guessing what the final scores will be for upcoming games. While it is impossible for the app to be right every single time, the win record it has is surprising. The app has a 5 out of 7 record for correct information for betting.

The thing with any sport is that there are upsets and Cinderella stories. But the key with gambling on football games is to find some consistency with winning more than you lose. There are three versions of this application that are all designed to do something just a little bit different. The first two versions of the app are great and there is even a free version, but the only version that does all of the statistical logistical work is the iBet Footballl PRO edition. This is the grad daddy version that will give you the upper hand when trying to figure out who to bet on and what the final score will be.



This is the ultimate when it comes to betting on football games. The NFL is a great sport, and while there will be upsets, this little app has a really amazing track record on how right it really is most of the time. If you love to bet on games, this will be your secret weapon. With any gambling tool, you should give it a test and not use your kids college funds on this app when you try it out the first time. Get familiar with it and work your way up to larger bets using the app. The iBet football pro iphone app received 4 out 5 stars and costs $2.99 to iphone users everywhere. Get ahead of the game with this clever app!