Ikibu – A New Casino Experience Coming Soon

Posted on 2016-08-16 by Sean Williamson

Chance Hill LIkibu New Casino Experience Casinoapp.com TD is an iGaming company that operates B2C casino websites. Their most recent offering is the Chance Hill Casino, which has impressed industry experts. Now, the enterprise has teamed with FAST TRACK to develop Ikibu, which is being billed as a new level of interaction and gaming woven into the online casino experience.

FAST TRACK is a gaming and service provider that was founded in 2016 and has shown very rapid development. It provides turnkey solutions and full technology and management services to those wanting to set up online casinos. The company is able to deliver the most powerful casino software platforms, sophisticated Bonus and Loyalty Programs, and sites that are mobile-ready.

Both parties seem very pleased with their partnership, with a representative from Chance Hill LTD. reporting that FAST TRACK came very highly recommended, and that the team seemed to understand exactly what the iGaming operator wanted to achieve. At the same time Simon Lidzén, CEO of FAST TRACK, has also commented that this project will be a chance to really showcase what the service provider is capable of.

Pushing Boundaries and Creating New Casino Concepts

The experienced members who have come together in Chance Hill LTD. and FAST TRACK are well positioned to deliver the new casino concepts of Ikibu. Many details have not yet been revealed, to keep the excitement and the anticipation of the launch at an all time high, but it has been announced that players will assume the identity of an Iki, or native to the land of Ikibu.

As an Iki, players will progress through levels and travel across the map on screen, collecting and competing for Seeds and other rewards as they go. These Seeds will be spent in the marketplace at the casino, meaning that the promotions available will be fully customisable. This is a world first for casinos, and should make playing at Ikibu very rewarding, while providing players with a wholly unique experience.

Utilising Trusted Software and Support

The software and support at Ikibu should make for smooth and seamless gameplay, which will enhance players’ overall enjoyment. The Microgaming, NetEnt and Play N Go platforms, all of which are world-renowned for their game design and slick functionality, all make contributions to the line-up, which is expected to be very impressive.

FAST TRACK has also partnered with Enteractive, allowing them to offer world-class support to the casinos that they contribute to. Players at Ikibu will be able to consult Customer Service Liaisons at any time of the day or night, via telephone, email and live chat channels. This should help them to deal with any issues that arise swiftly, and should give them the peace of mind that they need to focus on the Ikibu experience fully.

Ready to Go Live

The Ikibu online casino will officially be launched on the 14th of September 2016, but a Beta version is to be available a little less than a month before, from 24 August. Pre-registered players will be able to take part and interact with this version, and the performance of the site will be monitored and continually improved-upon until the 14th of September release.

While few details have been disclosed, what is known makes Ikibu online casino sound like a very unique and immersive experience, and has got many industry insiders very intrigued. The impressive performances of Casino Hill LTD. and FAST TRACK suggest that the imaginative concept will be well executed, and that players will be properly taken care of as they enjoy all that’s on offer. The releases on the 24th of August and the 14th of September will reveal all, and are greatly anticipated, while the differences between the beta and final versions and any changes made will be interesting to note too.