How Some Casino Apps Can Operate Illegally

Posted on 2022-02-11 by Sean Williamson


Canadian gambling enthusiasts are lucky, given that they have many legal casino apps to choose from. Sites like Spin Casino, JackpotCity Casino, and All Slots all operate within the law. They are licensed and regulated, which means that they treat customers fairly and adhere to high standards of operation. On the other hand, there are also online casino apps that blatantly break the law.

For the most part illegal operations can be avoided. Canadians can simply check for a license, which is a good indicator of the operation following rules and regulations. But just how do some casino apps break the law? It helps to know how gambling laws can be violated, even if just as a precautionary measure.

Offshore Operators

An online casino Canada players can access is required to follow local regulations, but gambling laws differ depending on where you are in the world. If an operator wants to provide services, they must abide by laws that apply in that area. But there are some operations that aim to avoid local regulations. They do so by offering services to a region but keeping a physical facility beyond local borders.

In some cases, gambling companies that do this are technically in a legal gray zone. Since specific laws don’t exist to prevent the services, the companies cannot be forced to stop. But then, this gray market also isn’t regulated, which is extremely dangerous.

Canada is one of many countries that has struggled to bring gray market gambling under control. Steps have been taken in many provinces to clamp down on unregulated markets, but the problem still exists to this day. Remember; casino apps from Spin Casino and other top sites that fall under the watchful eye of the government are required to follow strict rules.

Rigged Games

Although less common than might be thought, some illegal casino apps may have rigged games. This is exactly what it sounds like. The site will seem legit, and even operate as expected on the surface. But the horrible truth is that the games are not fair and will never allow players to win jackpots.

Thankfully, blatantly illegal casino apps of this nature don’t last long. At least not in a controlled market. Watchdog authorities exist specifically to clamp down on such scams, which is why it is important to only ever play where laws apply. Simply put, venturing outside of structured online territory is opening up the risk of running into gambling scams. Rather stick to leading legal online casino Canada sites like All Slots that are guaranteed fair and legitimate.