Land-based Casinos Competes with Mobile Casino Success

Posted on 2016-06-30 by Sean Williamson

Land Base vs Online Casinos

As gaming technology has become increasingly advanced, mobile Casino gaming has become ever more popular and this success is starting to threaten the future of land-based Casinos. The gambling industry has to evolve to make sure that it is always bringing players the best games and a first rate experience, which is why land-based Casinos are now playing catch-up to win back their waning fan base.

Nowadays gamblers are able to play some of the best Casino games – Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, Craps and Slots – at home or on the go, thanks to mobile Casinos. As this is happening, traditional land-based Casinos are starting to struggle to bring in new customers.

Player Tracking Systems

One of the main ways that land-based Casinos are trying to win back customers from mobile Casinos is by using player tracking systems. These allow the Casino to track each players use at the Casino and rewards them with loyalty points for playing. Essentially, every time a player uses a Slot machine in land-based Casino, for example, he or she will be accumulating points. These points can then be exchanged for prizes, much like the loyalty schemes you’ll find at online and mobile Casinos, except the rewards tend to be more tangible. The idea is that players will want to keep returning to the same Casino in order to accrue more points and win bigger prizes.

How Casinos Track Their Players

Mobile Casinos tend to have an edge as players leave a digital trail of exactly the games they enjoy playing and how much money they are spending. Land-based Casinos now use their loyalty scheme incentives to track players’ movement around a Casino and make sure that they offer perks based on what a particular player enjoys.

Land-based Casinos have also learned from mobile Casinos that instant rewards can act as great incentives, handing out Bonuses as soon as they are won rather than waiting until the next time that the player visits the Casino.

Improving Land-based Casinos

Another obvious way that land-based Casinos are attempting to keep up with the rise in mobile Casino use is by constantly creating new and exciting Casino games. This is becoming somewhat more difficult as many of the best developers are turning their focus to designing mobile Casino games, however there are still many new land-based Casino games released every year which are managing to keep many players visiting the traditional gaming hubs.

Which are Better: Land-based or Mobile Casinos?

It’s difficult to compare gaming at land-based and mobile Casinos as they do offer a very different experience. Ideally both will continue to exist side-by-side but, with our increasingly busy lives, it wouldn’t be a huge shock if mobile Casinos out-live their land-based forerunners.