Massive Jackpot Won at Leo Vegas Mobile Casino

Posted on 2016-07-21 by Sean Williamson

Play Joker Millions at Leo VegasLeo Vegas mobile casino recently paid out € 2.9 million to a 21-year-old known only as Chris, who lives in Oslo, in Norway. 

Chris’ win came about when had borrowed his father’s van for the day and was waiting outside a supermarket for his girlfriend, who had popped in to buy some apples. Until now, he had been more of a social player, getting together with friends to spin the reels of the South Park video slot on an extra-large screen, while playing on his mobile was just a way to pass the time. Chris chose Joker Millions as his game of choice and had played at Leo Vegas a few times previously, but he in no way considered himself to be a serious player and was only concerned with having fun.

Joker Millions, a progressive jackpot slots game, has quite a different look and feel to South Park. Inspired by classic slots machines of days gone by, many of the symbols are traditional images of fruit. The Yggdrasil progressive jackpot is triggered by 15 Joker symbols filling every reel position on the screen, and surprised Chris so much that at first he thought there had been some kind of technical error.

Chris bet €1.25 and thought he had won about €100.00. He actually had to log out of Leo Vegas and then log back in before the enormity of his win sank in, but once it did he became very excited and reports jumping out of the car and screaming with joy.

Total strangers stopped in the street to find out what was going on, and congratulated Chris warmly when he shared his gleeful news. His girlfriend soon came out of the supermarket, and was just as excited as Chris about the huge windfall.

Although Chris is still somewhat shocked that his life changed in the space of a single spin, he has made some very sensible decisions about what to do with his newfound wealth. The young man plans to buy two apartments as investments for the future, and to improve the one that he currently lives in. He is also considering upgrading his car, something he has wanted to do for some time.

However, Chris does intend to have at least a little fun with his winnings. His dream vacation destination has always been the Maldives, and he says he is taking his girlfriend there to celebrate their new life.

Joker Millions is just one of many progressive jackpot slots that have paid out a huge sum recently and these games continue to attract plenty of attention thanks to their massive accumulated prize pools.