Mobile Casino Trends

Posted on 2016-06-30 by Sean Williamson

Mobile Casino Trends

Everyone keeps talking about mobile Casino gaming being ‘on the rise’, but as it is such a new phenomenon it is difficult to find hard data that accurately explains different areas of the trend.

Clarion Events Customer Insights, in conjunction with Vivid Interface, has produced a Commercial Intelligence survey, “Awareness, Attitudes and Motivation – UK Mobile Gambling 2013”, which reports on mobile Casino trends and the behaviour of mobile gamblers based on a survey of 2,000 mobile gamblers in July 2013.

The study looked at four types of mobile gambler: Sports bettors and Casino, Poker and Bingo players, as well as considering the 15% of mobile gamblers that take part in all four activities.

The main areas of investigation included the players’ awareness of the mobile Casino brands, and considered the gender and age of the gambler in relation to this. In terms of age, for example, the findings suggest that the older the mobile gambler, the more aware they will be of the different mobile brands. Male mobile gamblers are also more likely to have better brand awareness than females.

Whilst female mobile gambling is on the rise, currently more males than females take part in online and mobile gambling on a regular basis, so it would make sense that females are generally less aware of the different brands.