Which New Smartphone is the Best for Gaming?

Posted on 2016-06-30 by Sean Williamson

New Smartphones best for Gaming

The 2013 cohort of new smartphones has proved itself to be the most inventive and exciting yet. As you’d expect there are tons of new gimmicks and a lot of fancy techy words used to describe innovations that most of us don’t even understand (M7 Motion Coprocessor? Accelerometer? Magnetometer? I’m almost positive we all need these functions in our phones, if not our lives, but I couldn’t begin to tell you what they do.) What I am interested in when it comes to this year’s new smartphones is the user experience and the gameplay. Take a look at my list below for the top 5 phones for mobile gaming.

  1. Galaxy S4

  2. The Samsung Galaxy S4 offers a 5-inch full HD display that makes gaming an absolute delight. It also has something called a Jelly Bean operating system and a quad-core processor which means that Android and Samsung have whacked in lots of advanced features that make it run superfast. In terms of the gaming experience, the Galaxy S4 gives beautiful results, displaying the graphics with incredible clarity on its large screen; plus, it’s powerful enough to run any game you choose. Honestly, the Galaxy S4 feels like it’s challenging developers to come up with evermore exciting and intense Casino games.

  3. iPhone 5S

  4. The iPhone 5S is probably the most talked about phone at the moment and it does feel like you’re using a bit of space-age technology, particularly with the fingerprint recognition (I’m still excited about it!) When it comes to gaming it’s great, but with a slightly smaller screen that the Galaxy S4 it feels comparatively as though you’re not getting quite so much from it. Of course it can still run all of the mobile Casinos to an optimum level and so offers mobile gamers a first-rate Casino experience. Some of the complicated technology on the inside (a 64-bit A7 processor) makes this slick and sexy phone a powerful gaming machine. I’d rate it as a strong second.

  5. HTC One

  6. I always sigh when I hear the letters “HTC” as these phones just don’t excite me as much as some of their competitors; but was I wrong when it came to gaming on the HTC One. This new phone offers amazing graphics that show any Casino App in wonderful high-quality, colourful display. What stands out on the HTC One, however, are the built-in amplifiers which are currently unrivalled by any other mobile. With every game sound effect and musical tune in perfect clarity, the HTC One helps your mobile Casino experience feel every bit as exciting as playing online, if not in a real life Casino!

  7. Google Nexus 5

  8. For its low price, the Google Nexus 5 offers everything you would want and then some when it comes to mobile Casino gaming. It has the latest Android software (named KitKat, n’awww) and although it looks rather unspectacular it features a great 5 inch full HD display, a fast machine and a reliable gaming experience capable of deploying any Casino App you download. If you’re on a budget but you love mobile Casino gaming then I would highly recommend you buy this phone.

  9. Moto X

  10. This is another Android Jelly Bean (where do they get these names?) phone that offers speedy downloads thanks to its very clever dual-core processor (that means powerful.) The graphics look fab on the large screen – 4.7 inch HD display – and the curve of the phone feels great in your hand when you’re gaming. Considering the manufacturer almost disappeared into obscurity a few years back, the Moto X is a pretty impressive mobile platform when it comes to Casino gaming.

    With such fantastic gaming available on the latest mobile phones, it’s important that you pick a mobile Casino or Casino App that makes the most of what your phone has to offer. Personally I would recommend Betway.com for a premium mobile Casino experience – and if you sign up today you’ll be able to claim a £1000 Welcome Bonus to get you off to a winning start.