The All-New ViewRanger App

Posted on 2018-01-12 by Sean Williamson

The ViewRanger app will change the way you hikeHiking is among the most popular and trendy activities these days. Whether you’re on a romantic meander with your significant other, getting in some healthy bonding time with your family or challenging yourself to scale new heights with your fellow fitness-obsessed friends, hiking seems to be the perfect way to connect with others, commune with nature and fit in a workout – all at the same time.

Living in our modern world, of course, means that not only are there plenty of tools to help us get the most out of our hiking experience, but that we are always on the lookout for them too. That’s where the very impressive ViewRanger app comes in. You wouldn’t want to miss the start of the game you wagered on, or the one that you want to catch for in-play bets at a leading online sportsbook; and now you don’t have to.

All About the ViewRanger App

The ViewRanger app works on Android and Apple smartphones and tablets and, very excitingly, on Apple, Android Wear and Casino smart watches too. You’ll be able to track your route right from your wrist, and if you’ve ever found yourself in a tricky position while hiking you know how useful that will be!

Essentially, while all smartphones and tablets are decent navigation tools in and of themselves, the ViewRanger app turns them into a fully-fledged GPS navigator. The app uses sensors within your device, including the gyroscope, compass and original GPS system, to pinpoint your location and provide you with a lot of useful information about exactly where you are.

With ViewRanger, you get to see all possible routes from where you are, and the Augmented Reality Skyline Mode will overlay the names of different mountains and peaks when you look at them through your mobile device. You can plan or learn about what you’ll see on your trip, and once you’re ready to go and have the information on your device you can gThe ViewRanger app in actiono off-grid. In other words, you can use the app without any signal, which is a potential lifesaver if you’re on an unfamiliar or especially challenging hike.

The images that you see when you use the Skyline Mode, which is capable of identifying more than 9 million specific points from the landscapes around the world, can also be captured in an image that can be referred to later. The ViewRanger team has also worked extensively with mapping agencies based in 22 countries to provide detailed terrain and topographic maps via the app. These can be downloaded, so that your outdoor navigation is more accurate.

Guidebook-style information is also available via ViewRanger, with contributions from 650 different publishers around the world, to make your explorations and adventures even more exciting. Street and aerial views for the entire world can also be accessed, and before you go hiking you can pre-plan your route and drop waypoints. Previously only available on a dedicated GPS system, these features are now easily accessible on your smartphone and, of course, your smart watch.

The Freedom to Go Anywhere

ViewRanger is able to pinpoint your location with such accuracy that it is trusted by hundreds of search and rescue teams, and it will serve you just as well as it serves them. Discover more about where you are as you explore, and never let your fear of getting lost stop you from trying out a new trail again. ViewRanger is a perfect example of how perfectly technology can blend with the physical world, in a way that enhances rather than distracts from nature. Intrepid hikers everywhere are going to love the app.


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