Complete Guide To Online Casino QR Codes

Posted on 2021-12-21 by Sean Williamson

Complete Guide To Online Casino QR Codes

An online casino QR code is a relatively new technological evolution that’s become something of a game-changer for mobile players. Using the QR code system, players at a casino can make deposits with incredible convenience. As yet, making withdrawals is not possible with this method. But how does it work, and is an online casino QR code safe?

First, a mobile device with a built-in camera is needed. The device will, of course, also need to be equipped with appropriate barcode deciphering software. All that is then required is to select QR code as a depositing method, then select the preferred bank. A code will then be generated. Point the device’s camera at a QR code will trigger the next step, after which a prompt will appear asking to indicate a desired deposit amount.

Limits And Fees

It is clear that using an online casino QR code is fast, but what about fees and limits? In this regard, each individual site will have its own policies. There should be no extra fee based on using a code, but some fees and limitations may still apply depending on the casino.

Though, it is interesting to note that there are also casino QR bonuses. This means that a casino may give a special bonus simply for a code being used. If such a bonus applies, it can generally be claimed by simply using the deposit method and entering a Bonus Code. The appropriate bonus should automatically appear in the relevant account. More can be learned about casino QR bonuses at casinos that offer these rewards, as they’ll differ from site to site.

Safety Is Important

An online casino QR code is convenient, but there are some things to take into account. A fake casino can reproduce a code, which may even result in malicious software being installed on the device.

This means that it is important to verify that a site is legitimate before making use of its services. This can be done by checking for licensing information. A certified option that we recommend is 888casino.


Is using QR code as a payment method safe?

Yes. Using a code to make a payment is as safe as using any other deposit method. Though it is important to confirm that an online casino is legitimate in advance.

Do I pay any additional fees using QR codes?

There are generally no additional fees for using this method, but some may still apply depending on the casino in question.