Online Gamers are Neither Shaken nor Stirred

Posted on 2016-06-30 by Sean Williamson

Online Gamers

It’s easy to imagine that all Casino players emulate James Bond by sipping a Martini or glugging a glass of Champagne whilst playing a high-stakes hand of Blackjack.

However, a recent player questionnaire from, a top online and mobile Casino operator, suggests that this glamorous myth far from reflects the beverage choices of your average British online or mobile Casino player.

The survey of Gala Casino members revealed that in fact gamers are much more likely to enjoy a tea or coffee with their online Casino games than an alcoholic drink. Over ¾ of all Gala Casino members who were asked disclosed their drinking habits as always, often or occasionally drinking tea or coffee, with nearly 80% enjoying soft drinks whilst playing.

Alcoholic drinks were not nearly so popular among the Gala Casino members, of which only 49.3% drink beer and a mere 41.1% wine.

One of the benefits of playing online Casino games at home or from your mobile is that the drinks are far cheaper than those that you might purchase in a land-based Casino! Players might also be thinking carefully about drinking beverages that stimulate their brain rather than ones that might prevent them from thinking clearly.

There were other interesting facts revealed in the survey that again highlight the ease and comfort of playing at home. For example, 73% of all Casino players asked said that they would watch TV whilst playing, and nearly 9 in 10 players listen to music.

36% of players admitted to enjoying being able to light up a cigarette in their own home, which is something they would not be permitted to do in a real-life Casino.

An unexpected response from the survey was that over 90% of players revealed a preference for physical prizes, such as laptops, iPhones and iPads, rather than cash rewards and deposit match bonuses.

There was also some excellent news for Gala Casino, as nearly 85% of visitors responded that they were more than happy with their experience at the Casino.

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