Playtech to Release Flintstones Themed Slots Game

Posted on 2016-08-17 by Sean Williamson

Flintstones Themed Slots Game casinoapp.comPlaytech’s new slots game, based on The Flintstones cartoon series, is to be rolled out in late August or early September 2016. Fans are already eagerly anticipating it’s launch, and to increase enthusiasm even further, the software developer has released a video preview of the game.

The Flintstones will run smoothly on any device or operating system, including Apple and Android options, and has been built around the same user interface as all of Playtech’s other slots games. Similarly, players can expect that it will be regularly tested for safety and fairness.

With all of the standard quality assurances and features in place, what really sets this game apart is the nostalgia that many players will have for The Flintstones. It was once named by TV Guide as the second-greatest television cartoon in the world, beaten only by The Simpsons, and it is still considered to be very iconic. The show ran from the 1960’s to 2000, and has legions of fans across the globe.

A short look at the preview video reveals a detailed game that will immerse all players, with expertly executed graphics. Everyone will be able to enjoy the game, but those who loved the show will probably have a special appreciation for it. The 4 main characters - Fred, Barney, Wilma and Betty - are all featured, as is Dino the pet dinosaur. The show’s classic soundtrack plays in the background, and other iconic elements from the show, such as Fred’s bowling buddies and the small creature that serves as Wilma’s vacuum cleaner, are also featured.

While the betting range and number of potential paylines are not known at this time, the previewed features look very promising. They include a bowling game with Fred, as well as 3 other games that players get to choose 1 from; Wilma Wild with extra ultra spin; Dino Multiplier with a multiplier and Great Gazoo with multiple snapping Wilds.

With all of the action and the detailed theme, The Flintstones looks set to be another success for the Playtech online and mobile platform. Being available anytime and anywhere means it will fit into the lifestyles of the busiest players, no matter what else is happening around them.