Project Jacquard Puts Cutting Edge Tech at your Fingertips

Posted on 2017-01-05 by Sean Williamson

It seems safe to say that there is a worldwide technological evolution. While progress and development have always been essential, the level at which devices and systems integrate with our daily lives, and with each other, is completely unprecedented.

Technological breakthroughs are constantly redefining how we conduct business and personal matters, and developments in one area create possibilities for many others. Huge developments are predicted for 2017, and it seems safe to say that tech advancements will only escalate from there.

Wearables with a Difference

Project Jacquard Under the ATAP, or Advanced Technology and Projects group at Google, Project Jacquard is producing conductive yarns that can be woven into touch-sensitive textiles. Different types of materials can be used to create different thicknesses and textures, and the resulting fabric can be dyed any colour. It can also be used to produce items using processes that are already in place, making it very cost-effective. This means that touch-sensitive textiles could be incorporated in the arm or cushion of your couch to allow you to play online casino games on your Smart TV, send emails or even browse through videos on YouTube.

The first garment to use this technology has already been released, in the form of the Levi’s Commuter x Jacquard by Google Tracker Jacket. Designed specifically for urban cyclists, it allows users to perform simple functions such as answer calls, use GPS and listen to music without having to do anything on their smartphones, and is the first step into the future for this type of wearable.

One of the most unique features of this product is that, unlike other wearables, the technology is almost invisible. The Levi’s Tracker Jacket looks almost exactly like an ordinary denim coat, and to the untrained eye it appears as such. This is quite a departure for Wearables, which tend to focus on the technology as an essential visual design element. With Project Jacquard, wearables slip seamlessly into wardrobes and daily lives, and people are none the wiser as to their capabilities.

Endless Innovations to Excite Consumers

Project Jacquard has countless applications and is just one of the innovative projects being developed wherever you look. For example, as artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to improve, it’s predicted that 30% of jobs in the banking sector will be automated within 1 year. Robo-advisors, better capable of dealing with Big Data and making snap decisions, will replace financial advisors.

The Internet of Everything is also expected to really take off in 2017, especially with Apple launching its Home App later in the year. More than 100 products that will work optimally with the Home Kit are already on the market, meaning that a smart-linked home will be affordable for everyone in the near future.

Riding the Wave of Tech Developments

Project Jacquard Levi’s Tracker Jacket The examples mentioned don’t even scratch the surface of the numerous technological developments emerging all the time. Virtual and Augmented Reality carry huge applications for future training, teaching, demonstrating and experiential platforms, and many different devices and apps to improve the way we do things, and the way our technology serves us, are rolled out every day.

Space exploration is becoming more affordable, mining minerals on the moon are being examined, virtual currency is considered a valuable asset, the mobile banking industry is booming, and new developments are streamlining and shaping our lives for the better.

As the world around us changes, successful businesses and individuals need to do the same. The future of technology is here today, and can be harnessed to achieve great things.