Social Gaming Giant Announces Major Upgrade

Posted on 2018-06-18 by Sean Williamson

KamaGames Excited To Announce Major Upgrade To PokeristThe market leader in European social mobile Poker, KamaGames, recently announced a major upgrade to their signature title, Pokerist. This was achieved by the launch of a brand-new game called Split Bet Poker, as well as the incorporation of the highly popular Multi-Table Tournaments (or MTT, for short).

Multi-Table Tournaments have enjoyed grand popularity among real casino players but this particular mode of play has not yet been implemented in the social casino arena. Until now, that is. KamaGames enjoys the patronage of more than 530,000 daily players and the highly popular MTT games will certainly appeal to the more experienced portion of those players.

Poker On Steroids

MTT’s are highly popular, with games being played across a number of tables simultaneously, just as the name suggests. At any one time, there can literally be hundreds of players competing in a single Online Poker tournament. Players are knocked out as the tournament progresses, until such time as what there is only one table left, and of course, one single player.

The tournaments function on the premise of basic Poker and players are in a position to potentially win up to 20 times the value of their initial buy-in. This considered, it’s quite understandable why MTT’s enjoy the levels of popularity that they do.

Community-Based Poker

Split Bet Poker is the newest game to have been launched into the scope of the mobile app. Split Bet Poker is played by making use of three player cards and two community cards. As soon as a player’s cards have been revealed, the player will have the option of claiming back one third of the initial bet placed. This is an option that will obviously only be exercised in the event of a weak hand.

When the first of the community cards are revealed, players have the option of claiming back yet another third of the bet, now being accountable for only one third of the initial bet. Again, only in cases where hands are obviously very poor and not likely to succeed.

In the event of other players placing additional side bets, players are able to retain their entire bet if the need arises. Split Bet Poker is very much a community-based way of playing Poker, and perfectly suited to the culture that is social casino gaming.

This by no means affects the potential of a game of Split Bet Poker, with players still in the running to win up to a 1000:1 ratio, when tallied at the highest possible bet combination.