Social Media Blurs Gaming-Gambling Divide

Posted on 2019-04-24 by Sean Williamson

Social mediaIndistinct is the dividing line between online games and online gambling games, and social media is making it harder than ever to differentiate between the two. This was the conclusion recently reached by Dr Crystal Fulton, a researcher employed by Ireland’s University of Dublin.

Dr Fulton recently presented some of her findings to what is referred to as the Oireachtas Justice Committee in an attempt to emphasise the rapidly blurring divide between what constitutes gaming and what constitutes actual gambling.  Dr Fulton also went on to elaborate and to illustrate the known differences between the two sectors, and examined the arguments from both ends of the spectrum.

It All Comes Down To This

The researcher said that ultimately her team had come to the conclusion that the only way to protect especially young children from becoming engrossed in gambling activities too early on, is to provide proper education to young people and even to children, about the tell-tale signs and dangers of addiction and unhealthy gambling activities.

Age verification, said the good doctor, was another discipline that required immediate attention. The fact that current legislation in Ireland leaves much to be desired when it comes to the accurate verification of a person’s age, is a major contributing factor to just about everything that is wrong with the regulation of gambling services and products in the country.

Six Years And Counting

Ireland’s perceived dragging of its proverbial feet when it comes to anything relating to proper gambling regulation isn’t helping the situation either. The country has been super slow to give heed to warnings about the dangers of non-regulation. And so it should not come as much of a surprise that not much in the way of progress has been made with regards to the country’s 2013 Gambling Control Bill.

And yes, government may have finally given the green light for the establishment of a special gambling regulatory body, but exactly how long is it going to take to allocate a mandate, avail the necessary resources and funds, etc., especially taking into account the snail’s pace at which progress has been made thus far.

The Time For Regulation Is Now

Save to grow exceptionally negative about the country’s failure to take care of its most vulnerable members of society, the only thing that remains to be done is to get a move on and to do so on the double. Ireland’s gambling industry is in dire need of proper regulation and failure to do so will have serious consequences for many.