Tesco Smartphone Impacts on the Mobile Casino Industry

Posted on 2016-06-30 by Sean Williamson

Tesco Smartphones

Mobile gambling fans will be delighted at the announcement this week from Tesco that it is planning to release a brand new smartphone as well as an updated edition of the Hudl tablet. Due to the vast difference in cost between the top-of-the-range iPhones, and the humble yet impressive Tesco smartphones, these new Tesco devices will make mobile Casino gambling far more accessible to your everyday Casino fan.

The mobile Casino industry is at an all-time high right now, with thousands of the best Casino games now available to play wherever you are, whenever you like. However, although these mobile Casino games have, in theory, been accessible to everyone, due to the cost of many smartphones this has not actually been the case. Now, thanks to newer tech providers like Tesco, more affordable smartphones are making their way to the market which can rival the pricey products offered by industry giants like Apple and Samsung.

Tesco is well known in the UK for providing customers with bargains and affordable products. Now intending to launch its own Android smartphone before the year is up, the Tesco phone will likely rival some of the most popular phones but be available at a much lower cost.

When it comes to the world of mobile Casinos, cheaper phones mean easier access for players to some of the most exciting mobile Casino games. It also means that the mobile Casino industry should see an increase in profits as more players begin downloading and playing at the best Casino Apps.

As well as providing many more people with access to the best mobile Casinos, the new Tesco smartphone will come preloaded with Apps for Tesco’s shopping site. This will mean that owners of the device will be able to quickly and easily access the online retailer to purchase individual goods or even do their weekly shop.

Although of course the new Tesco smartphone is unlikely to specifically rival the more upmarket smartphones, it will provide and cheap and effective alternative for those wishing to play all of the best mobile Casino games without spending a fortune.

As the mobile industry continues to grow, we can only expect great things for the future of mobile Casinos. Better, cheaper and more intelligent mobile devices will enable mobile Casino developers to further innovate and continue to create more exciting mobile Casino games.

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