The Top Apps of 2017

Posted on 2017-12-22 by Sean Williamson

The best apps of 2017Given the staggering variety of apps of all sorts released in 2017, there can be little doubt that this is the age of the app. Whether they are used for work, business, citizen science and research, home life, or entertainment, Android and iOS apps have become indispensable to life in a world dominated by mobile technology.

The top apps released this year have impressed with their usefulness, amazed with their functionality, provided hours of entertainment, and inspired with their life-changing potential. Let’s take a look at some of the best:

Mobile Passport: iOS

The US Customs and Border Protection’s Mobile Passport app is only available to US passport holders, but many hope other countries will follow suit. The app helps users avoid long passport control queues when returning to the USA from abroad.

Users open the app and answer the standard questions they would be asked by officials when at the airport. Once at one of the 23 participating airports, users can join a fast-track Mobile Passport lane and pass through customs in no time.

Super Mario Run: Android, iOS

Nintendo’s Super Mario Run puts a twist on the traditional gameplay of the iconic series. Players can re-live the best of the early 90s with a hyper-modern look and feel as the mushroom-stomping plumber makes his way through the kingdom.

Simple enough to play with one hand, Super Mario Run requires players to tap the screen to halt the running Mario and perform various tasks. It might sound easy, but there is a lot more to the game, proving that Mario has not lost his touch.

Seeing AI: iOS

Free to download on iOS devices, Seeing AI is an innovative app with the power to change life for the better. The app essentially offers sight to the visually impaired.

The app uses the device’s camera and GPS to deliver an audio narrative describing the world around the app’s user.

Cherry Rush: Android

The Cherry Rush Android casino app store is the first of its kind, and it caters exclusively to Android users looking for top rated, recommended real money casino apps. The app is free to download and includes comprehensive casino reviews, quick links to downloads and the option to play in browser too.

An app store that has broken the mould, Cherry Rush has changed the way Android casino enthusiasts find places to play on the go.

Cherry Rush Android Casino App Store is a real treatMeitu: Android, iOS

Meitu has been hugely popular in Asia for a few years, but 2017 was the year the rest of the world took notice. Android and iOS users have been taking selfies for a long time, but these days, a selfie is not a selfie without a filter.

Whereas Snapchat has allowed users to give themselves and others various cartoonish embellishments, Meitu takes photo filtering to another level. Capable of various functions, one of the most popular among users are its hand-drawn filters that can be used to transform facial features.

Exponent: Android, iOS

Aimed at app developers, Exponent is an app that can be used to build apps for Android and iOS devices. Funded by Y Combinator, the app allows develops to code in React Native and in JavaScript.

In addition to being a useful tool for developers, the app is indispensable for budding developers who do not yet have the resources to turn to more complicated means of making apps.

Today Weather: Android, iOS

A reliable weather forecast was hard to find until Today Weather was released. Available for Android and iOS, the app offers free detailed forecasts for cities around the world.

In addition to maximum and minimum temperatures, app users can also find information regarding visibility, wind speed, humidity, and the quality of the air.

NASA GLOBE Observer: Android, iOS

An app for citizen science and research, NASA GLOBE Observer allows users to participate in an ongoing scientific experiment.

The app can be used to collect temperature and cloud data, which is then analysed by NASA. It is easy enough to use when going about one’s daily business or when spending time in a park.

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