Top 3 Casino Apps

Posted on 2016-07-01 by Sean Williamson

Top 3 Apps

Choosing the perfect casino app for you can be incredibly daunting due to the sheer amount of options out there. Below are three of our favourite Casino apps. 

1. Bwin Casino App

Backed by the Bwin brand, this stable piece of software features great graphics and high speed results. Account set up is very easy, including deposits. Collecting winnings is also very simple. Multiple wagering options mean there is a wager for every budget.

With the Bwin app, you can play everything from sports betting to casino games. Some popular games are backgammon, blackjack, and Bejeweled. Bwin has a learning curve that will allow you to go from amateur to seasoned player in no time, especially with the deposit bonuses being offered. Of course, to receive the full benefit of the bonuses, you will need to put more than just the minimum deposit.

Bwin offers one of the best welcome bonuses in the industry. It is advisable to claim your bonus before you make the first deposit as you may miss out if you deposit money first. Another incentive to play with Bwin is their binside member reward program. As is common in most casinos, the vip rewards are earned by playing the games within the casino. Some of the games will multiply your rewards to help you move up the ranks faster. Membership does have its rewards and there are some great perks to being a binsider member.

2. Platinum Play Casino App

Platinum play casino app lets you play your favorite casino games on your mobile device. It is as simple as downloading the software. Fans of Microgaming’s software will appreciate the security of this app. There are multiple options for transactions as well, giving you a choice in how you play.

Platinum play casino works great on Android, iPhone, and Blackberry. The welcome deposits are weaker than other applications, but they are solid in customer service and technical support. This is a great application is you are looking for a back up casino.

3. Royal Vegas Casino App

Royal Vegas Casino App features Microgaming software. Welcome bonuses are nearly non-existent, but the promotions ran by the casino app are well worth the missing bonuses. You can turn loyalty rewards into cash credits. Everyone starts at the silver level, but with so many promotions, reaching gold and beyond is relatively easy. In fact, it takes only 10,000 loyalty points to reach gold. You get 2,500 just for signing up.