5 Heist Films for Online Casino Canada Players

Posted on 2022-02-22 by Sean Williamson

5 Heist Films for Online Casino Canada Players

Movies that tell the story of common people getting the best of gambling venues have always been popular. But these five films are among the best of the best and will definitely please online casino Canada games fans!

  1. 21

What makes 21 stand out is that it’s based on a true story. It speaks directly to those of us who enjoy playing at online casino apps because, theoretically anyone can pull off this heist! Discover more about the six MIT students who trained themselves to become expert card-counters. With their new skill they took multiple Las Vegas casinos for mega winnings at the Blackjack tables.

  1. Ocean’s Eleven

Robbing just one bank is not enough for the hero of this film, Danny Ocean. Instead, he gathers together a formidable team of ne’er-do-wells to pull off the heist of three enormous casinos. With a tidy $150 million payday to motivate them, if you’ve ever played a real money game on a recommended casino app, you’ll know just how much totals like this can spur you on.

  1. Casino Royale

A classic James Bond feature film, Casino Royale sees our favourite spy gambling against a menacing private banker who enjoys funding terrorists in his spare time. Since the closest most of us will ever get to the luxury of an elite gambling venue is the first-rate online casinos Canada has to offer, it’s a recommended movie for all.

  1. The Gambler

Jim Bennet is the main character in The Gambler, a movie which tells the tale of the darker side of betting, something every responsible player is well aware of. A literature professor and inveterate gambler, Bennet’s debt sees him borrowing money not just from his mother, but from a loan shark as well. A sketchy relationship with one of his students complicates matters even further. What follows is a reminder to everyone to keep their spending at gambling sites to what they can afford.

  1. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

This quirky movie is perfect for players who want to take a load off. Take a trip, almost literally, with a crazy journalist and his psychopathic lawyer as they make their way to Las Vegas in a series of psychedelic adventures that will leave you reeling.

There are as many fabulous heist films to watch these days as there are online casino apps to explore, but these are by far the best. The next time you take a break from enjoying casino app action, press Play on one of these movies and you won’t be sorry.