TV Ads Influencing Players’ Choices

Posted on 2016-06-30 by Sean Williamson

TV Ads influencing choice

TV Ads are the key to influencing players’ choices when it comes to Mobile Casinos and Sports betting; this discovery is just one of the interesting topics debated this week at the Mobile and Tablet Gambling Summit in London.

The afternoon of the first day of the Mobile and Tablet Gambling Summit was dominated by an extraordinary panel session featuring four young fans of mobile Casinos and Sportsbook Apps. These enthusiastic panellists talked about their relationship with their mobiles and their experiences with various Casino and Sportsbook brands.

The four panellists, all of whom were male, discussed the various incentives of Apps and Websites and the offers that appealed to them. The main conclusions here were that the Apps that let them play on their own terms, as opposed to pressing or pressuring them to increase wagers or raise the stakes, were the ones that they felt happiest with.

Smooth graphics and fast responses from the Sportsbook or Casino App were also named as a draw, as these factors significantly improve the overall gaming experience.

The panellists slated the use of free bets as a tool used by some Casino Apps and Sportsbooks to entice new players and then subsequently ignoring their loyalty, although they did concede that this was not the case with all Casino Apps.

In general, the panellists concurred that betting little and often was the most common betting style, although betting patterns varied, with some enjoying simple win-lose bets and others preferring to place more unusual wagers.

Television Ads were praised across the board for their success in prompting in-play and mobile bets. The claim that TV Ads are crucial in influencing mobile Casino players’ and Sports bettors’ choices was the theme of the day, and fits in with a recent trend of increased TV advertising by online Casinos and Betting sites.

One of the reasons that TV is such useful tool in influencing mobile decisions is that players will usually have their mobile phone right there with them when they are watching. If they see a particularly persuasive advert they can check out the Casino App, or place the Sports bet, whilst continuing to watch the television and without even having to move.