Why the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best for gaming!

Posted on 2016-07-01 by Sean Williamson

SamsungS4According to many experts in the gaming and mobile phone industry, the primary reason that Samsung Galaxy S4 is best for gaming is because it is deemed the smartest smart-phone on Planet Earth. This newly launched phone is rumored to be capable of leaving iPhone 5 in a great cloud of dust.

Galaxy S4 is heralded for its screen configuration featuring much improved background color and HD effects. This phone is the first in the world to have Super AMOLED capability. While the screen may not be as bright when playing in direct sunlight, Galaxy S4 is still glove compliant.Capability of being able to revert to swipe and scroll mode enables gamers to snack and play simultaneously. According to S4 fans, state-of-the-art quad to eight core processor speed and the larger screen give Galaxy S4 an immediate advantage over iPhone 5.

Although still undergoing various phases of evaluation, Group Play is anticipated to be a big drawing card for the Galaxy S4 because it enables gamers to play without the need for WiFi or close proximity to a cellphone signal transmitter. Group Play is predicted to be a popular feature among social network site fans since they will be able to play with friends or enter a chat room to benefit from gamer expertise while playing a game.

Some gamers feel that the overall larger screen could pose a challenge relative to effective one-hand usage. Galaxy S4’s removable back casing provides easy access to battery issues that might occur during a game. Another feature is the improvement associated with audio issues. These innovative improvements are the result of changes in speaker placement. In addition to much improved sound quality, Galaxy S4 has an easy to use screen slider control designed to achieve optimal screen appearance.

During a recent media interview, Galaxy Mobile spokesperson Glenn Roland praised the entire Galaxy S4 team for their dedication to improving gaming platforms and relative linkage. This phone’s extensive, ever-growing game library includes Electronic Arts games. In his remarks, Roland also stated that high-volume sales during its initial two-week launch are already encouraging more game developers to create and target more games designed to function with Galaxy S4’s Arcade Game Controller that conveniently clips to the phone casing.

Glenn Roland closed his remarks with the promise to continue the Samsung mission to make more games available to more people and to guaranteed customers a rewarding gaming experience.