Direct Bank Transfers

A direct bank transfer is fast and effective manner in which to move money into your online casino account, and vice versa. In order to initiate a direct bank transfer you need to go into banking lobby and choose ‘bank transfer’ as your payment options. One of two things will occur – you’ll either be taken to a page which shows you the casino’s banking details or you’ll be taken to page that can link to one of several banks in your country. The latter is the most likely outcome, however, in the case of the first option you’ll need to jot down the casino’s banking details, log into your bank account and then proceed to initiate the transfer. You can even go real old school and walk into a physical bank and make the transfer – but let’s face it, the whole idea behind playing online is the fact that it’s easier and more convenient. 

In the case of the second option, you’ll be taken to a secure page and one that serves as a middle-man type of mechanism. An ideal example of something like this is Citadel.. This page will allow you to select your region and your bank and then to log into your bank. The transfer can take 3-5 days, although this is highly unlikely and in most cases, it will be quicker than that, quite like an EFT.

Bank Transfer Advantages

There are advantages to using a bank transfer and these things like safety; a quality instilled thanks to encryption. Through encryption, the transfer process is safe and secure. Another advantage is that a bank transfer can be used to make withdrawals also. There’s also the trust factor that players have with their own banks. This provides peace of mind, which is quite important when you’re playing online.

Bank Transfer Disadvantages

One of the biggest qualms around bank transfers is that is can be considered as somewhat old-fashioned. A transfer can be slow and this can go both way – for deposits and withdrawals. Then there’s the fact that in some cases, the initial process can be tedious, laborious and even complicated. Sometimes there are additional fees that can accompany the process and with other better alternatives like e-wallets, prepaid cards and such, the bank transfer might seem like a more archaic way of doing business.


If you’re going to opt for a bank transfer, then opt for something like Fast Bank Transfer or Citadel, banking solutions that also take the money from your bank account and into your casino account, but do so a lot faster. These methods, more alike with modern direct bank transfers require little information and work fast, plus they’re safe. The only time you would be requested to supply additional information is if you’ve won a large sum of cash. The speed of an online direct bank transfer is also quite impress and is often carried out in real time.