ECheck, which stands for electronic check, is a commonly used banking method in the world of e-commerce. ECheck’s use is particularly documented in the world of mobile casino gaming for its speed, its safety and its efficiency. ECheck connects directly to your bank account and then moves money from there into your mobile casino account. The same process happens when you’re making a withdrawal. The eCheck concept stems from the old and almost dated paper check, which as you might know, was a special bank issued piece of paper you could use to make a payment or receive money. ECheck’s safety is reinforced by the fact that it abides with governed processing laws such as 128-Bit SSL protocols to make sure that when cash is being exchanged, no sensitive information is revealed.

eCheck Casino Deposits

EChecks use and acceptance is extensive. Pretty much each and every mobile casino operator that we promote and approve of provides the option of eCheck.  In fact, once you go into the banking menu, you’ll see that the entire eCheck operation is fully integrated. All you’ll have to do then is enter the information as you would on an actual check. After you’ve confirmed your amount, the funds will be credited in your account, assuming there are funds in the linked account of course. Another thing to know about using an eCheck to make a payment is that your actual bank, from where you will transfer the funds might deal with the process differently, and thus it is advisable that you contact them and make sure about the process.

eCheck Advantages

ECheck scores high in terms of convenience, an attribute which is practically unbeatable. Its ease of use also makes it rank high with players. Entering your deposit amount with eCheck is as easy as opening your check book and jotting down a few things. It’s as easy as using a credit card and often comes with lesser transfer fees. Also, deposits are usually available instantly, so there’s no turnaround time. And, depending on the casino, there might be less steps than there already are when it comes to using eCheck.

eCheck Disadvantages

One disadvantage of using eCheck is that if its speed that you want to accomplish, it is solely dependent on the processors in use by the casino. Some mobile casinos might also ask that you sign up with a third party in order to complete the processing procedure and this can take days. Echeck cannot always be used as a withdrawal method and if you are going to use it as a withdrawal options, make sure the casino can facilitate this need. ECheck is safe and effective and comes highly recommended.

eCheck Alternatives