Interac Depositing and Casino Payments

Most Canadians are familiar with Interac offline payment facilities. Regarded as one of the most prominent providers in the country, they have over 40 000 ATM’s and pay points in key locations. The good news for Canadian casino enthusiasts is that Interac depositing is available at all leading Internet gambling sites. Providing fast, simple and secure payments, there is no need to pay by credit card or web-wallet if you have a valid Canadian bank account.

How Payments Work

While there are plenty of depositing options available at top-rated sites, if you don’t have a credit card and you don’t want to move funds between web-wallet accounts, then you should consider Interac.

You can think of the system as a type of third-party provider or instant-banking payment setup. Using your own Internet or mobile banking, Interac transfers funds directly from your account into the casino’s, instantly and securely.

With regular depositing options, the fees are usually high, and funds can sometimes take up to 3 days to clear. By using this mechanism, you can fund your account instantly and start playing straight away. In exchange for the service, they charge a small fee for every transaction. The fees are quite low, and some banks offer free online payments as part of their service package.

Making a Deposit

The best part about using the service is that you don’t need to sign up, fill in any forms or create any online account. As long as you have a valid Canadian Bank account, you have everything you need to get started.

When it comes to online casino depositing, transacting is quick and easy. Simply head to the cashier section and look for the branded symbol. In some cases, it may be the listed under heading of instant banking. Simply click on this option and select your financial intuition from the dropdown list.

Once you have found your bank, a window will pop up directing you to your personal Internet banking login page. Sign in as usual with your secure user name and password. All the details will be pre-populated and all you have left to do is decide how much you want to pay.

You can then complete the transaction, approve it and the funds will be instantly transferred in your gambling account. The whole Interac depositing process only takes a few minutes and is so secure there is no need for any other service.

Fast Withdrawals

As well as being one of the best depositing options, Interac can also be used for withdrawals. Simply head back to the cashier section, click on the withdrawals tab and click on the symbol. Select your financial institution again, fill in your account number and details and decide how much you want to withdraw.

The site will then process the payment internally and authorise it directly into your account. The waiting time is significantly reduced, and you will have your winnings after one or two days.


Outside the world of online gambling, Interac depositing can be used for online purchases, land-based purchases, scan-and-go as well as for sending money to friends and family.

One of their key services is e-transfers. This is the fast, easy and secure way to send money to anyone with a valid Canadian account using online or mobile banking. Simply log on to your Internet banking, click on the link provides, fill in the recipient’s phone number or email address and send money instantly to anyone in Canada.