Choosing a casino app is something that can take a bit of time and consideration. You need to look at the games on offer, be sure the bonuses suit you and know that you can access customer support at times and via channels that work for you. We explain all of that to you here, in the casino apps that we showcase and the games that we review.

The other factor that you really need to consider with mobile casino apps is how you want to make deposits. If you know that your funds are well managed and your personal information is safe, your head will be that much clearer, and you’ll be able to focus on enjoying your gaming. Visa, a known name and giant in the financial services industry, is a great option for anyone looking to enjoy real money gaming on the go.

A Trusted Transaction Method

Visa was founded in 1958 and, since then, has been a payment method you can trust. It was one of the first credit cards to be accepted at online casinos, and has always been a stalwart in the industry. Today, you can not only use your Visa credit card online, you can also use your Visa debit card or a Visa prepaid card, making depositing that much easier and versatile.

Simplicity at its Best

One of the most appealing things about using Visa with mobile casino apps is how simple it is. You do need to have a debit or credit Visa account, but if that is in place there is nothing else you need to do before you start making deposits or withdrawals from the casino app of your choice.

You may need to set up or conduct your banking at an online desktop, or be able to do it directly from the app on your smartphone or tablet. Either way, you just need to make your way to the banking interface, choose to deposit or withdraw, and then choose Visa and your card type.

The first time you use your Visa card at any casino you’ll need to take a few moments to fill in your details, but they will be conveniently saved and Auto-filled in every time after that for even more speed and convenience. Then just enter the amount that you want to transfer, and you’re ready to go! Nothing could be easier.

The Visa Advantage

As well as being so user-friendly, Visa is cheaper than many other transaction systems – the bank charges are very low and are sometimes absent altogether. You might even get exclusive bonuses for using Visa – for many casinos, it is better for them if you use Visa so they reward you for doing so. Transfer times are also among the fastest for any digital financial service.

A Safe and Secure System

Identity theft and credit card fraud do exist, and many people have valid concerns about them. Visa, however, deals with them well thanks to internal firewalls and SSL encryption on every transaction at our recommended casinos. Your funds are actually as safe as if they had never been online in the first place. With its sheer convenience and safety, Visa should definitely make your banking options shortlist as it makes real money game play a pleasure!