How To Play Online Lotto

Lottery games have a history that is as wide as it is deep. Lottery-type games offering cash prizes seem to have first been played in Florence, Italy, during the 16th century but the act of casting lots is even mentioned in the Bible that was written centuries earlier.

The 16th century games in Florence were the first to be called Lotto games, and were so popular that they soon spread through the rest of the world. A huge range of Lotto games is available today, including online and on mobile devices and most still give back to social or civil causes whether private or governmental bodies run them. Learn more about playing and winning online Lotto games here, and then get going!

Playing Lotto Games Online has Advantages

There are plenty of good reasons to play Lotto games online. First, as with everything online, you have a lot more choice available to you. You can usually choose from games around the world, picking those with the odds that you like best, from the comfort of your own home or, with mobile devices, from wherever you are. There’s a vibrant online community in chatrooms and on websites that can help you to refine techniques and increase your chance of winning big. If you’re playing Lotto games online, you can apply what you read and learn as you go along too.

The convenience of being able to buy Lotto tickets online whenever you remember is taken even further by being able to set tickets to be bought automatically. No matter how busy you get, you can still be in the running to win life-changing sums. Most sites that offer online Lotto games offer exclusive promotions, so you can win even more money.

Main Lottery Games Online

Main Lottery games always involve you choosing a set of numbers on a ticket. You can either pick them yourself at the time, pick them in advance and then set the tickets to be automatically bought when they become available, or allow the numbers to be generated with a Quick Pick system when you buy the tickets. A set of winning numbers is then drawn from a pool, using carefully designed and checked machines, and possibly even checked by auditors, to ensure that it is fairly done.

Different Lotto games have different amounts of numbers that are drawn, and different rules for any bonus numbers that are involved. After the winning selection is drawn, ticketholders are paid out according to how many of the drawn numbers are on their tickets and how many other people have successful tickets. With number pools of different sizes, and even different amounts of number pools used in a game, as well as different payout rules, the odds in Lotto games can vary quite a lot.

Associated Lotto Games

Many games based on the main Lotto game format have developed over the years. Scratchcards, for example, are instant-play versions of the game that allow you to simply reveal your numbers rather than choosing them or even setting a Quick Pick system to choose them. These usually offer fairly good odds, of no more than 1:5. In other words, if you buy at least 5 tickets at once, you are likely to get paid at least something out.

Often, main Lotto games also feature side games that are related to the same draw, but have slightly different rules. They generally don’t require as many of your ticket numbers to match the winning numbers, and offer smaller prizes. Sometimes, you can even enter a raffle with unsuccessful Lotto tickets! Dedicate some time to online Lotto research and find the games that appeal to you.