Different Types of Online Lotto Games

The rise of mobile technology and improved Internet infrastructure means that more and more people have access to online facilities. From Internet banking to online shopping, music downloads to online gambling, just about everything can be done online nowadays.

One area that is showing huge growth is online lottery games. While playing online lotto games is technically a form of gambling, they attract a completely different audience to online casinos. The convenience of being able to play the lotto online means that the jackpots get bigger and players can play at home or on the go.

If you have never played the lottery online before, you may be wondering what types of games are available? You will be surprised to learn that online lotto sites offer an extensive range of lottery games from regular lotto to scratchers and daily draws. Let’s take a look at what options are available at leading lottery sites:

Traditional Number Lotteries

Standard number lotteries otherwise known as the lotto is the most popular type of online lotto game. Playing the lotto requires picking a set of numbers out of a predetermined pool. In Germany, players select 6 out of 49, in Italy; the SuperEnalotto requires picking 6 out of 90 while the Mega Millions is 5 out of 75. In most cases, the draws take place twice weekly with a payout staring in the Millions.

Daily Lotto Draws

For anyone who wants to play the lotto online every day, the good news is that online lottery sites offer daily lotto draws. While they may not offer the same payout as the weekly lotto draw, daily lottos are drawn once or even twice a day with payouts that are definitely worth playing for. Daily lottos often use a smaller set of numbers with players picking three or four numbers on a ticket.

Mini Lottos

As the name suggests, mini lottos are online lotto games that are much smaller than a standard weekly lottery. The amount you pay for the ticket is significantly less, but then again, so is the amount you can win. Mini lottos are offered on just about every lottery site with multiple draws taking place each day.


Scratch cards or scratchers get their name from the traditional lottery card where players scratch off the surface of the ticket to reveal the numbers underneath. The online version of this online lotto game is pretty much the same thing. Players buy scratch tickets online and use their mouse to “scratch off” the numbers to reveal whether it is a winner or not. Online scratchers come in many shapes and forms with different themes and ways to scratch.

Multi-Countries Lotteries

Some online lottery games span across multiple countries such as the Euro Millions or the Euro Jackpot lottery. These type of online lotto games are by far the most popular simply because they have the largest payout. While the draws take place weekly, the number of players buying a ticket is much higher than any other lotto. Subsequently the payouts can reach epic proportions with regular weekly payouts of €152 Million or more.

Mobile Lotto Games

Many online lotto sites also offer players the opportunity to play the lotto on their tablet or smartphone. Most lotto sites will have a dedicated mobile platform as well as a downloadable mobile lotto app.

Mobile lotto sites can be accessed from any mobile web browser no matter where you are in the world. The mobile site is directly linked to the main lotto site which means that players can sign in on a single account. Players who download the mobile lottery app can easily check the latest winning numbers as well as purchase tickets for daily and weekly draws.

Easy, convenient and potentially very rewarding, online lotto games are a great way to win big!