Mobile Baccarat

Mobile BaccaratBaccarat has long been one of the most popular land-based Casino games and, with the rise in online and mobile gaming, it’s transitioned across to become a favourite at digital Casinos, too.

Baccarat’s main appeal is in its simplicity. The banker deals 2 cards to himself and two to the player. The player then makes a decision on whose hand he thinks will win – his own or the bankers – or he can bet on a tie. The hand that wins is the one that is closest to 9, but totting up the total can be a little more confusing than it sounds!

In order to calculate the value of a hand the two cards are added together, with the second digit being the value that is recorded. For example, if a hand comprised of a 7 and a 9 you would add these together to make 16. The value of the hand is therefore 6. Players must then stand on 6 but hit on 5 or lower, but the banker must stand on 7 and draw on 1 or 2.

Make sense? Probably not, but as soon as you start playing you’ll pick it up!

One of the most exciting elements of Baccarat comes from the fact that you can choose whose hand to bet on, meaning that the power is with you as you don’t have to rely on being dealt a good hand.

Baccarat can be found at all of the top mobile Casinos. It works particularly well on mobile as play can be as fast as you choose thanks to the convenience of touch screen gaming. It’s also not got a lot of detail to the table so it fits perfectly on a small screen.

Give mobile Baccarat a go today and see for yourself why this game has remained one of the most popular Casino game choices.