Mobile Blackjack

Online BlackjackBlackjack is one of the most popular card games around, whether at a real life Casino, online or at a mobile Casino. The key to its appeal is no doubt the fact that it’s simple to learn the basic rules, but that players can develop skills and strategies in order to master the game and beat the house. Blackjack is one of the best Casino games to play if you want to walk away a winner.

The basic idea of the game is simple: players must achieve a higher hand than the Dealer without exceeding 21.

The skill comes in when players need to be able to predict what cards the Dealer is most likely to have in their hand, whilst only able to view one. This can be done using knowledge of probability, the ability to count cards (a skill that is very useful to master) and by trusting your instinct.

The real excitement in Blackjack comes from not knowing whether or not the next card will improve your hand or send it over 21, rendering you ‘bust’. The more Blackjack you play the better you will get at knowing when you should play and when you should stick with the cards you have.

Blackjack is a true Casino classic and, thanks to the wonder that is mobile Casino gaming, you can now play it wherever you are.

Mobile Blackjack Compatibility

The real beauty of mobile blackjack is of course its portable factor which essentially means that this game gives you the equivalent of having your very own private table. Due to the popularity of this game and its variations, those responsible for creating the actual games have worked very hard to ensure that compatibility will stretch as far as the app can reach (and the eye can see!) and they have done an exquisite job at it.  As a mobile casino app, blackjack excels and exceeds all expectations. The tables look as realistic as they appear in the desktop format and offer the exact same odds. All the suppliers that you’ve come to know like Microgaming, NetEnt, BetSoft, Play ‘n G and the rest have all manned up to create blackjack titles that will thrill you, entice you and have you playing for more. What’s also great, nifty and convenient is the fact that these games can all be played in the famous practice play, whereby giving you chance after chance to hone your skills or acquire any you might be lacking. Compatibility for mobile blackjack apps go from the iPhone to the iPad to the Android operating system and more.

Live Dealer for Mobile Blackjack

If you’re not yet familiar with the concept of the live dealer, let us quickly bring you up to speed. The live dealer concept is not a new one but is one that’s been in the background for at least 10 years. Its prominence has only really begun to cement in more recent times, with commercial reach taking off round about 2012. Prominent players in the creation of the live dealer platform are Evolution Gaming and Playtech – with the latter claiming to have been the first to create games of this nature. However, when it comes to the best type of live dealer games, we’re going to tell you right now that Evolution Gaming wins hands down. The company have created the type of software that not only integrates well with mobile devices, but also offers the best gaming experiences as far as live dealer casino games go. Live dealer mobile blackjack games are available and are designed to allow you, the player, to see a real croupier on your screen, interact with and place bets with that individual. Everything is made possible through a combination of specially created studios, video streaming technology and technology that integrates the real with the digital, and it’s all available to you right now on your desktop PVC or your smartphone and tablet.