Mobile European Blackjack

Beuropean blackjack iconlackjack, it’s old and established and is one of the big staples of any casino. In fact, a casino without blackjack is selling itself short, that’s for sure. European Mobile Blackjack is based on its predecessors, in this case, land-based European Blackjack and online European Blackjack, and holds on to all the rules of established law. When it comes to this exciting and potentially lucrative game there are a bunch of rules that need to be observed, especially if you’re new to it all. The game of European Blackjack, be it a casino app or inside a brick and mortar casino, is played off a total of 8 decks of 52 cards. After each hand is dealt, the cards are re-shuffled and this is done to deter any would-be card counters. Put another way, if card counting is your thing, then this game isn’t’.

Basics of European Blackjack

If you’re going to play Mobile European Blackjack, then you need to be aware of the basics of the game, and these are as follows:

Mobile European Blackjack: Reshuffling

Mobile European Blackjack relies on a total of 8 decks of cards, each with 52 cards per deck. Due to the fact that the cards are shuffled after each hand is played, card counters are thrown a curve ball of note. In the case of an actual game, an automatic shuffler is employed. In the case of online and mobile European blackjack, the good old Random Number Generator is used and if you’re not in the know about this mathematic algorithm, its uses are seen throughout the world  of web-based casino gaming. The algorithm is also externally audited – a requirement that’s enforced by the regulatory board that the casino is licensed with.

Notable Mentions

The splitting of 4’s, 5s and 10’s isn’t too big a deal and mainly because these pairs of cards are rarely split in the first place. A more prominent rule to be aware of would be the No Peek rule. This one prevents the dealer from looking at its hidden card until the player or players have acted on their hands.

Live Mobile European Blackjack

The digital rendition is not for everyone and for this reason mobile casinos have put modern technology to some serious use by introducing Live Mobile European Blackjack. This rendition of the game is live in every sense of the world, allows for the deepest immersion to date, offers interaction on par with sitting at an actual table and is all available on your smartphone/tablet device.